Undeniably Country Album Review


There’s just something about pure, uncompromising, traditional country music. Since Curtis Grimes began his career in Austin Texas, he has released six albums/eps  one of which was a live album. I can say unequivocally that this is Grimes best work to date. You won’t find any pop country or trend chasing on this short eight track album. The album begins with a song titled “Everything Hank did.” The song talks about how Hank was Grimes hero growing up and how he did all the crazy things that Hank did with the exception of dying. In “If You Ask Me,” Grimes admits he’s an old fashioned guy with a “backwoods opinion” of how the world should be and all the things that he believes to be true such as how lucky he is to have ended up with his wife.

Next, we have Grimes current Texas radio single “From Where I’m Standing” which describes the view of the woman he loves and how he loves the way she looks from where he’s standing. This is easily the most lightweight song on the album, not that this is a bad song it just speaks to the quality of the rest of the album. “Right about Now” is a song about a relationship ending over a stupid fight that could have been prevented if the narrator would stop worrying about being right and maintaining his pride. He goes on to say sarcastically that he has his pride and by golly your proud while his ex is hooking up with one of his friends. “Had a Thing” is a song about the vices that Grimes has had such as women, whiskey and weed among others but, he gave them up because, he came to the realization that those things are not worth the heavy toll it takes on you and at the end of the day you have to sleep in the bed you make. “Born to Die” is a religiously charged song about how Jesus was born to die and how he died for us. Despite Jesus having the ability to stop his death and stop the beatings he received, he let it happen because he was born to die. “Put my Money on That,” is similar to “If You Ask Me” in the way that Grimes lists things that he believes to be right and true such as Jesus coming back and his grandpa’s advice.

Last but not least is “Ten Year Town,” which as you can guess is about Nashville and how it is not a place artists can make it very long. My favorite line on this song is “I came out here so I could write and sing, not rap on stage wearing skinny jeans.” Country radio has clearly changed its sound chasing after the all mighty dollar but, Grimes prefers to stick out of the “in crowd” and play the music he loves. He describes coming to Nashville and seeing old for sale signs and empty pews at the Grand Ole Opry. Overall, I thought this was a really solid album that is pure traditional country from start to finish. The album is littered with steel guitar and fiddle throughout which in 2016 is more than a pleasant surprise. Also, one thing I wanted to add was how much Grimes reminds me of Clay Walker. I have not seen that comparison made anywhere else but, to me he sounds so similar in his voice and style.

Album Grade 8/10

Enjoyment 8/10

Favorite Song: If You Ask Me 

**Album Grades: Since this is my first review, I will explain the very simple grading method. The regular grade will simply be out of 10. There will also be a second grade which will be an enjoyment grade. I think this is useful to have because, there are albums that I can appreciate and acknowledge as great pieces of art but, for whatever reason maybe I didn’t particularly like it from a listening perspective. That grade will also be out of 10 to prevent any confusion. The third thing I will include is my favorite song from the album which is self explanatory. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments that you have as I try to learn and improve my writing on this blog. -Thanks, Alexander


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