Sam Hunt Releases New “Song” Drinkin’ Too Much


Yesterday was the first day of what I hope will be a better year than 2016 was. I woke up, spent the day with family and had what was turning into a swell day. That day filled with hope and excitement for the new year was struck down  after listening to whatever you call this bullshit by Sam Hunt. To refer to “Drinkin’ Too Much” as a song would not be accurate in any way whatsoever. This garbage by pop/r&b pretty boy Sam Hunt is trash. Do you know why this trash is being peddled to Country radio? Plain and simple, Sam Hunt is a talentless hack who does not possess the ability to sing and would be laughed off of pop radio the moment his talk singing appeared. He would be a nobody and would quickly disappear from relevance. What other possible explanation can there be for this r&b singer to be pushed to country radio as a progressive country artist?

Hunt’s label MCA should be ashamed, that is if shame was something that they were capable of feeling. Why release new music from actual country singers like Josh Turner who they have not allowed to release a new album in over 4 YEARS or Gary Alan who has not released a new album in over 3 years. MCA along with Curb Records have been the worst offenders in Country Music not only for releasing some of the worst filth to proliferate Country radio’s airwaves but, for imprisoning talented COUNTRY artists and forcing them to release milquetoast, boring, rubbish in hopes that it would become a hit on radio.

The most annoying part of this whole thing is the people that want to say “If you don’t like Sam Hunt or Florida Georgia Line or insert pop artist here then why don’t you just listen to someone else?” The reason that argument is so ridiculous is that you cannot turn on Country radio without being plastered by this crap nonstop. You can’t turn on a Country awards shows without seeing these pop “singers” not only perform but, regularly win awards when artists with actual talent get routinely ignored. Worst of all though, is that the radio success of these frat boys has actually changed the genre. It isn’t bad enough that their music sucks, we now have to hear all these singers try to mimic their style of crap. Honestly, how many artists have you seen in the last few years attempt to be the next Sam Hunt? And I am not even just talking about new artists, I am referring to artists that have been around for a long time.

After this short rant I guess I will talk about the “song” that is already the clear winner for worst song of the year and it is the beginning of the year. The song is about how Sam Hunt apparently named his first talk singing album Montavello after an ex girlfriend. With Sam Hunt’s rise to fame his fans I guess have looked up this girl on social media and have begun to harass her. So because Sam feels guilty about being a petty douche, he has resorted to being a drunk. With the exception of the chorus of the song he is basically just talking as opposed to singing. Like any Sam Hunt song you get the creep factor turned up to 10 and you get the impression that the dude is psychotic. I guess Sam is just so gosh darn shocked that he would name an album where he trashes his ex girlfriend after her and nobody would look her up and harass her. If ANY country radio station EVER plays this bullshit I will never put on that station again, and I hope you all do the same. This is the absolute worst that the music industry has to offer and does not in any way resemble anything to do with country music. Not in theme, execution, instrumentation. Absolutely NOTHING. MCA, Sam Hunt and whoever wrote this diarrhea of the mouth should be sickened by themselves. Since I know they won’t be, I will be sickened of you enough for all of us.

Grade: 0/10 (Listening to birds defecate would get a higher grade)



  1. Hi Alexander! This is a great review of a garbage song. MCA should be ashamed of themselves for their treatments of both Gary Allan and Josh Turner, two artists who are fantastic and deserve more credit and attention than they get. Instead, MCA decides to blow all their cash on a pop artist (although a talented pop artist) who should not even be in the country genre in the first place.

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    1. Yeah, I don’t have a lot of hope for Gary Allan. He has had his new album done for years and they don’t let him release it because of the poor single performances. Turner at least should have an album out by spring with “Hometown Girl” performing well.


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