Burn The Bed:Single Review

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Since the blog started just a few weeks ago, there were many great songs that I didn’t get the opportunity to review in 2016. I had to cherry pick a few albums that I really wanted to review before the year ended and I planned to just move forward with music released in the new year. Well, plans change and it’s my blog so I decided I wanted to give “Burn The Bed the review it deserves, especially after charting at number 56 this week.

Candi Carpenter is the epitome of hard work and success paying off. As an aspiring artist, Carpenter trekked to Nashville from Ohio. Carpenter worked three jobs in order to get by at times and had to fight the urge to give up. Despite the odds stacked against her, Carpenter fought on and finally got a record deal. Carpenter’s first song that has been released by Sony is “Burn The Bed.”

It can be difficult to truly judge an artist after only releasing an ep, let alone just one song. However, after listening to Carpenter’s first single I can say that I have high hopes. “Burn The Bed” is about love, betrayal and the need for a fresh start. The song begins and ends with what I think is a really great line “Most people take out the trash, they don’t bring it home.” The aforementioned trash in this song is the woman who is having an affair with the narrators spouse. Her spouse would rather be with someone “cheap and dirty” then spend one night without a woman. Throughout the story you get the understanding that there is no way to fix this relationship. She feels so betrayed by the man that she loves, that she wants to burn and destroy the relationship that he wrecked.

A few things jump out after hearing this debut. The first thing that jumped out for me was the incredible imagery that is used from start to finish. When Carpenter questions whether or not the man put her picture away or if she had to watch, the mistress putting on the narrators perfume and the burning of the bed. Simply washing the sheets and moving on will not work, the whole bed is tainted. The listener can imagine all of these events happening vividly. The next thing that jumped out at me was how vocally talented Carpenter is. She doesn’t necessarily get to showcase all of her ability on this song but, you can hear that she has all the vocal range you could ask for and more. The last thing I observed was the steel guitar in the song. It certainly was not overly prominent yet, it was noticeable. I have read some articles about Carpenter that paint her as a neo-traditionalist which is something that I would love to hear more of on a full length debut.

So often we hear breakup songs on country radio that are superficial songs about revenge and those songs never get into detail about what happened. Those songs are unable to make you feel anything or make you see what happened through imagery. They come across as sad and pathetic so, thankfully Carpenter gives us the opposite of that. Overall, I really enjoyed Candi Carpenter’s debut and look forward to hearing a full length album in 2017 (fingers crossed).

Song Grade: 8/10



  1. Great review Alex! I’ve been busy all day so I haven’t had the chance to comment until now (btw, congrats once again on the new blog!)

    I’m essentially the same way with this song. I think it’s a really great start for Candi, and there’s a lot of clever one liners here as well. I also like the smokey, haunting production. I guess my only complaint is the length as well as a few minor nitpicks. 8 is what I would give it too.

    (Btw , just a tip – a good way to get people to read your blog is to tag the artist you’re reviewing on Twitter. I notice you and Candi follow each other so she’d probably like to know the kind words you said)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks again Leon! Always appreciate ur opinions and advice. The length I can get past because anything going to country radio has to b on the shorter side. I also wish the steel guitar was a little more prominent. I think she has loads of potential so I look forward to more stuff from her.


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