Throwback Spotlight: Josh Turner “Another Try”

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The song “Another Try” was written by Chris Stapleton and Jeremy Spillman for Josh Turner’s 2007 album Everything is Fine. “Another Try” was the second single off of Josh Turner’s third album and was released to country radio in 2008. The song was performed by Turner and Trisha Yearwood although, it was hardly a duet. Yearwood compliments Turner’s already strong vocals by harmonizing some of the words Turner sings but, does not have any unique lines of her own. Yearwood’s harmonies add to the pain in Turner’s voice but, are not meant to be the harmonies of a new character. The story is only told from one point of view which is further demonstrated by Yearwood’s absence in the music video. This song received an award at the American Country Music Awards for Vocal event of the year. One of the co-writers of the song was actually Chris Stapleton who we know has become perhaps the biggest act in country music. The producer of the song Frank Rogers, has produced every one of Josh Turner’s 5 albums.

Turner explains in the first verse what went wrong with the relationship and why it is over. He takes full responsibility for the demise of the relationship by explaining how he never shared his emotions “All the things I felt and never shared” and he mentions how even when he was with her she was lonely “All the times that she was lonely with me there” and finally, when the relationship was coming to an end he did not fight to save the relationship “How I let her go without a fight.” After the first verse there is a bridge sound that takes us to the chorus which is only a two second drum beat. In the chorus Turner says that what he said in verse one is the reasons that he is alone “The reasons I’m alone, I know by heart” he is admitting that he knows the reasons he is alone by heart and tells the listener that he does not want to be alone forever “I don’t want to spend forever in the dark.” He uses darkness to symbolize being alone and lonely. In the last part of the chorus he tells us that if he ever gets another chance at love he will fight for it “I swear next time I’ll hang on for dear life, if love ever gives me another try.” What adds to the sadness of the chorus is that he seems unsure if he will ever find love again and since he has learned from his mistakes you find yourself rooting for the narrator to get “another try.”

Following the first chorus we hear the same exact sound used in the introduction of the song used in the bridge to the second verse. The second verse is really what the plot of the music video is about. He explains to the listener that we cannot change things we already did and that if he could go back in time he would not make the same mistakes again, “There’s no changing things that we regret, the best that we can hope for is one more chance, if the hands of time could just move in reverse, I wouldn’t make the same mistake again, with her.” Again he is acknowledging his mistakes and demonstrating through his words that he knows what he did wrong and if he is lucky enough to get another chance, he will not blow it. This is the first time we hear the female in the song Trisha Yearwood who comes in when Turner sings “If the hands of time could just move in reverse.” She only sings small parts that would not confuse the listener into thinking that she is playing the antagonists role in the story. She is only repeating the protagonists words.

Yearwood then comes in again following a short two second bridge and sings the entire chorus with Turner which is the same as the first chorus. Following the second chorus we have the longest bridge in the song before we have the chorus played again. The bridge involves the violin and the steel guitar which like the entire song is in the minor chord. In the final chorus of the song Yearwood again harmonizes the same words as Turner and you can hear the pain in her voice. At 3:10 in the song when she sings “Try, try” it sounds like she is exhausted and in tears at this point. Finally, the outro is the same sound we heard in the introduction with the addition of the violin to end the song.

The video is shot in reverse order to portray the narrators wishes to go back in time and correct his mistakes. The video switches between the story and the narrator sitting in a dark room alone playing the guitar. The entire video is undiagetic, there is no sounds coming from the video only the actual song. The narrator is in dark clothing to symbolize sadness and loss. The video begins with Turner at a bridge with a suitcase. Since the story in the video is moving in reverse order the suitcase is actually flying back up to the narrator because, in regular time he threw it off the bridge into the river. At 17 seconds in the video we see Turner in the dark room playing the guitar sitting down. He is in dark clothing and begins to tell us why his relationship did not work out. The video switches back between the story and the room very frequently regardless of what part of the song is being sung. In reverse we see Turner get back into his truck on the bridge and go to a town square. When he gets out of his truck we see an analog clock on a building and the “hands of time” are literally moving in reverse. In the next scene we see Turner in a restaurant alone at a table having coffee. The coffee and milk for the coffee are seen going back into the pot and container. We also see a waiter drop a tray and see all of the items move in reverse back onto the tray as though nothing has happened.

During the final bridge that leads into the last chorus we see the narrator arrive back home walking backwards in the hallway. We finally see what was in the suitcase that caused Turner to throw it off of a bridge in the future. It is items that the narrator had gotten for her in the past including a sweater and heart shaped necklace. The important thing however is the note that he finds. We can infer that this is his girlfriend breaking up with him and leaving him the gifts that he had gotten her in the past. After he reads the letter he is so upset that he ripped the letter and set it on fire in the fire place. An interesting part about this scene is that where he burns the letter is where we see him throughout the video sitting in the dark room playing guitar. Until this last scene, where the story took place and where Turner was sitting were not the same place. This final scene is where everything comes full circle.

Seeing the narrators reactions to the moments just after the relationship ended show just how painful the breakup was. For example, in the first scene of the video we see Turner throwing a suitcase off a bridge. We do not find out until the end what was in the suitcase and we are left wondering until the end. At the end of the song we realize that what was in the suitcase was actually items that the narrator had given to the girlfriend and the letter where she tells him that the relationship is over. Watching Turner burn the letter in the very fire place that he sits next to for much of the video was a very interesting idea in the video. The video supported the song well based on the overall tone of the song. The song is a gloomy song about the end of a relationship and the video portrayed the plot of the song well.

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  1. This is definitely my favorite Josh Turner song as well. The haunting vibe of it overall is what gets me, but also Josh’s vocals….damn…

    I really wish he could release that new album, Hopefully March sticks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. His vocals have always been a huge reason y I like him. This song is so sad and honest it’s unfortunate that songs like this won’t get on the radio anymore. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of his last album or the current single so I hope he goes back a little more to a more traditional sound. I think the single is going at least top 10 maybe even to number 1 so there’s no excuse for MCA to put this off any longer.


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