Top Ten Songs: Turnpike Troubadours

Lately I have had the itch to make some lists since I didn’t make any for 2016. I put up a poll on Twitter Tuesday night and the Turnpike Troubadours edged out Cody Johnson. The Turnpike Troubadours are my all time favorite band with so many phenomenal songs so picking just ten was a challenge. Below you will find my 10 favorite TPT songs which include songs from each of their first three albums. I will include a few sentences for each song to serve as a description. Some Turnpike Troubadour songs can be difficult to dissect so they could mean different things to me than they do to you.  I hope you enjoy and if you have any opinions on this list be sure to comment!

10. Good Lord Lorrie: This song is about two people who are in love. The girls parents in the story are not fond of the boy and even go as far as to threaten him with physical violence. At the end of the story Lorrie tells the guy that he’s not good enough for her and he admits her parents were right about him.

9. Down Here: Down Here is about two friends talking to each other after the one friend has lost it all. He took risks and ran with a wilder cast of people and now regrets it. The other friend assures him that everything will be alright and that he will help him any way that he can.

8. Ringing In The Year: In this song, the narrators spouse informs him that she is leaving him by leaving a letter for him. He begs the question of whether or not she will miss him the way that he misses her. At the end of the song he states that if he had tried harder they would still be together but now he will just try and forget he ever knew her.

7. The Funeral: The Funeral is a song about a man returning home for his father’s funeral. Jimmy (the main character) feels out of place being back at home and admits that he feels more alone in the presence of family. His mother is crying and asks Jimmy why it took a funeral for him to finally come home.

6. Gin Smoke and Lies: This is a classic country cheating song. The man in the relationship suspects that his spouse is cheating on him. He believes that his spouse has been lying to him and he can smell the gin, smoke and lies on her. He tells her that if she hasn’t been cheating on him to look him in the eyes and tell him.

5. Every Girl: Every Girl is a love song where the man is describing what the girl he loves is like.  This song has an incredibly fun sound with classic TPT fiddle play.

4. Long Hot Summer Day: My all time favorite summer song is about hard work on a summer day. The narrator describes what he does after work mentioning things like his girl and what he had for supper. What makes this such a great song is again the musical element of the song.

3. Long Drive Home: This is a song about what the narrator believes to be true about love. His spouse has left him like everyone has before. He doesn’t believe people have staying power any longer and if you really want love to work you have to fight for it.

2. Come As You Are: The only song TPT released in 2016 also happens to be one of their best. The man in the story awakens to the sound of his spouse leaving him. In the end he decides to go duck hunting to clear his mind with a friend. He comes to the conclusion that he is going to do whatever it takes to change the girl’s mind so that she will come back to him.

1. The Bird Hunters: My favorite all time TPT song. The introduction to this song is as good as it gets with the extended fiddle play. The song is about 2 men (Jim and Dan) going duck hunting and 1 of the men (Jim) dwelling on a failed relationship. His girlfriend who is from Tulsa did not appreciate the country life. At the end of the song Jim kills a bird and determines that yes he loves the country life but, he also doesn’t want to give up on his relationship. The listener is left with a cliff hanger as to what will happen.



  1. I’d have to give some thought to this but I imagine my list would be pretty similar to yours give or take a few spots. I like this list though! I found their last album to be just good instead of great but they’re still one of my favorite bands out there today.

    I actually dig their more hard hitting songs like “Gin, Smoke, Lies”, “The Mercury” and “Doreen” a lot, but my favorite would have to be “Gone, Gone, Gone”. I also enjoy “Bossier City” and hell, I think “Whole Damn Town” could be a hit at country radio today what with the mainstream slowly embracing more traditional sounds (even though this is one of their more contemporary sounding songs). It’s tough to narrow this down to 10 but you can’t go wrong here.

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    1. It’s funny u say that about their last album because it’s my favorite album of theirs. I wasn’t a huge fan of Goodbye Normal Street. Its definitely hard narrowing down just 10 songs for them because they have so many great ones.


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