Rascal Flatts “Yours If You Want It” Single Review


Image result for yours if you want it

I may be in the minority but, I actually think Rascal Flatts has a number of good songs. Sure, they have their share of crappy singles but there are plenty of songs in Rascal Flatts’ catalog especially from their early years that I can enjoy. Notice that I talked more about their early years because, the last few years Rascal Flatts has released mostly boring, inoffensive music. With the exception of “Payback” they haven’t released any songs that make me angry but they haven’t released any songs that really interest me.

I have been hearing for months now that Rascal Flatts was getting ready to release a lead single for their next album and i’ll be honest, my expectations were low. I expected them to release a lousy, trend chasing pop song in the hopes of staying relevant. What we get from Rascal Flatts here is honestly not terrible however that’s the best thing that I can say about it. “Yours If You Want It” is a sort of catchy POP country song about giving your heart to a girl. It is about a good guy who has had his share of scars along the way to finding her and if she wants his love she can have it.

The song isn’t particularly unique but, it’s not something that would make me change the station if I heard this on the radio. There are plenty of artists out there that are capable of better music but choose instead to release generic pop country songs. For those of you who don’t think Rascal Flatts is capable of better I suggest you look at songs like “I’m Movin’ On” and “These Days” which are terrific singles from them. I wish Rascal Flatts would get back to those kinds of songs but those days are long behind them it appears.

Grade: 4/10


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