Josh Turner:Top 10 Songs

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Josh Turner’s music has always connected with me in a way that no other artist ever has on as consistent of a basis. Whether it is Turner’s incredible voice, his traditional sound or the lyrics in his songs, you cannot go wrong. Josh Turner was signed by MCA Nashville in 2003 and has released 6 studio albums including the hit songs Why Don’t We Just Dance and Time Is Love. The 10 songs that I have chosen for this list are what I deem to be Turner’s best songs which include a mix of singles and album cuts. This is simply my opinion so I would love to see what everyone else’s top 10 songs are for Josh Turner!

10. Your Man: Your Man was the title track off of Turner’s second album. The song is about a man wanting to be alone with his women. He has wanted to get her alone and have a romantic evening. It was his first career number 1 hit.

9. Would You Go With Me?: Another number 1 hit for Josh Turner which also came off of the album Your Man. This is about a man asking a woman to marry him. He asks her if she is willing to stick by him through thick and thin and make him the happiest man in the world. There is some great bluegrass influenced instrumentation in this song.

8. Cold Shoulder: An album cut from Josh Turner’s most recent album Punching Bag about a troubled marriage. The man wishes that his wife would tell him what is wrong instead of simply giving him the cold shoulder. If she is going to leave him he wishes that she would just get it over with however all he is getting tonight is a cold shoulder.

7. As Fast As I Could: Showing up on Turner’s Best of Album this song is about the journey that it took to find the love of his life. There were some stumbling and bumps along the way but he found her as fast as he could.

6. The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss): A song that most people who are not Josh Turner fans would be aware of but this is an absolute gem. The song has a real throwback feel to it with the main character sailing away in search of treasures. He promises the women that when he gets back he will never leave her alone again and he asks her to wait for him. The time apart will make it that much sweeter when they are finally reunited.

5. Long Black Train: Turner’s second single from his debut album Long Black Train is a very religiously influenced song. The song uses the long black train as symbolism for the devil and a life of sin. It preaches the idea of redemption and finding meaning through god.

4. I Wouldn’t Be A Man: I Wouldn’t Be A Man is actually a cover of the song that was originally recorded by the great Don Williams. Turner sings about how strong the love is that he feels for his wife and how he wouldn’t be a man if he didn’t feel the way that he does for her.

3. Another Try: One of Turner’s best songs was a single from his Everything is Fine Album. The narrator recognizes his mistakes that cost him the love of his life. He promises that if he ever gets another try at love he will hold on tight and not make the mistakes that he made before which included not communicating and not showing his emotions. I did an extensive throwback review of this song and the accompanying music video that can be found here.

2. I Had One One Time: This is an incredibly powerful song about a man who has lost literally everything in his life. The man is homeless and he has lost his job, his friends, his home, his wife and very possibly his mind. He meets a man on the street that reminds him of his former self and the life that he used to lead back when he had it all. It is an incredibly sad song and a reminder of how we could all lose everything.

1. She’ll Go On You: Josh Turner’s first song also happens to be in my opinion his best song. This is a song about how all of the women in your life can eventually leave you and how you shouldn’t take them for granted. The first women to leave him is his daughter who grows up and goes away to college. He states that you should take every opportunity to play with her before she grows up and leaves you. The next women is his wife who could leave him if he doesn’t treat her the way that she deserves. Leave her notes on the refrigerator, send her flowers and be there for her when she needs you. Finally, his mother will eventually leave him when she dies. The message is to appreciate your mother for all the things that she did for you like taking care of you when you were sick and staying up late when you went out to make sure you were okay.



  1. I’d have to think about my list but this is a great list in itself! I’ve always thought Josh was underrated so it’s cool to see this. I know that either “Long Black Train” or “Another Try” would be my #1. I’ll come back to this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Both of those are terrific songs. It has always disappointed me that he never became more prominent on country radio and the awards shows. He is 1000 times more talented than most people played on the radio. I look forward to seeing your top 10.


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