Easton Corbin Single Review:A Girl Like You

Image result for easton corbin a girl like youI’m not sure anyone was as disappointed in Easton Corbin’s last album It’s About to Get Real as I was. It’s not that it was even one of the worst mainstream albums of 2015 but the fact that Easton Corbin recorded such a generic bro countryish album was terrible. Before It’s About to Get Real, Corbin was becoming one of my favorite mainstream artists who had a great neo-traditional sound despite a few lackluster singles.

When I heard Easton Corbin was coming out with new material in 2017 my hope was that he would get back to a more traditional sound and his lyrics would be more substantive. What we get with “A Girl Like You” is sort of neither. “A Girl Like You” is a love song that has it’s share of generic buzzwords like tan legs, cutoff jeans, cold beer and the word girl. The song describes there being no place that has anything that is quite like this girl he is singing about. He wonders what he ever did to get a girl like her but fails to dig deep as to why besides her looks.

Now I have to say I actually don’t find this to be a bad song necessarily. I think it has a great beat/sound to it and even includes a bit of steel guitar towards the end. The other thing I like is Corbin’s voice which is just a great traditional country voice.

Do I wish Corbin put out a better song? Of course, but I don’t think this is bad especially for a first single off a new album. I don’t think country radio will have any reservations about playing this song and perhaps (maybe I am being naive) but maybe this allows him to release a good album after a well performing single.

Single Grade: 5/10




  1. I think the premise behind this is good, and going over people’s heads (you got it). He wants to show how this girl is different from the stereotypical female expressed in country songs (in other words, poking some fun).

    The problem is this though (as you said) – the things he states that make this girl different extend only to what she does rather than who she is as a person…. There’s so much wasted potential here it isn’t even funny. Reminds me of Eric Paslay’s “Song About A Girl” in a way.

    Other than that, the backing beat doesn’t really bother me. It’s got a nice (sort of) neo-traditional feel to it other than that, and so I really can’t dislike this. Should get him back into the top ten at least. Still, hope Easton has better material for us than this.

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