This Month In Review (January)

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This month I had the pleasure of reviewing some really terrific music. This was the first full month of the blog and I have really enjoyed it. I appreciate everyone who has read the blog and made comments. This piece that I am calling This Month In Review will be something that I do every month. I will summarize all the music that was reviewed during the month as well as talk about important things that happened this month in music. I hope you all enjoy this piece and if you have any thoughts/opinions feel free to share them.

Albums Reviewed In Order Of Grade

  1. Puxico by Natalie Hemby: This was an album that I really enjoyed by longtime songwriter Natalie Hemby. This was an acoustic country album that tackled small town life similarly to how Kacey Musgraves and Brandy Clark have done. The album was not perfect and could have done a better job with tempo but the songwriting as expected elevated this project. 8/10
  2. Duende by The Band of Heathens: I’ll be honest, I really did not know what to think about this album the first time that I heard it. Before this album I was not overly familiar with this group and after the first listen to Duende I was finding it hard to express how I felt. This was an album that grew on me with every listen  however to the point where I really enjoyed the Americana/Southern Rock/Gospel/Country group. 8/10
  3. Laws Of Gravity by The Infamous Stringdusters: The Stringdusters had what I think was the best album of 2017 thus far. The modern bluegrass band’s lyrics read like poetry from start to finish. The Stringdusters modern approach to bluegrass proves that you do not need to abandon what makes a genre great in order to evolve. 9/10

Songs Reviewed In Order Of Grade

  1. Drinkin’ Too Much by Sam Hunt: This was no way to start off the new year. On the first bloody day of the year my ears were defiled by this absolute filth. This just continues the streak of creepy, stalker, non country bullshit that MCA tries to pass off as country. 0/10
  2. Yours If You Want It by Rascal Flatts: This review caused a bit of a stir among Rascal Flatts fans but as always I just give my honest opinion. I actually think that I am much kinder to Rascal Flatts’ music than most other critics. There was a time when Rascal Flatts put out quality pop country songs but that ship has sailed. This is a love song about giving your heart to a women (if she wants it) but really is just a generic song that does not delve deep. 4/10
  3. A Girl Like You by Easton Corbin: I have always been a fan of what Easton Corbin could become but continue to be disappointed in the generic pop country songs that he is releasing. A Girl Like You isn’t bad but I just don’t think it’s anywhere near what Corbin is capable of. This is a song about how incredible it is that he got a girl like the one that he has. The lyrics are extremely generic but I find the music to be pretty catchy and I love Corbins voice. 5/10
  4. Burn The Bed by Candi Carpenter: Easily the best song that I reviewed in January. Carpenter uses great imagery to describe the betrayal of her husband who cheated on her. This is a great debut single from a really talented artist. My biggest complaint is the length of the song which comes in at about two and a half minutes long. 8/10

Think Pieces

  1. There is a Such Thing as Bad Music: In this piece I argue that there is indeed a such thing as bad music and that there are repercussions for the listeners of that music.
  2. State of The Country (Music That Is): Here I talk about what is going on in country music from the independent to the mainstream. I ask important questions about the industry as a whole and country radio.

Other Work

  1. Throwback Spotlight: Josh Turner “Another Try”
  2. Top Ten Songs: Turnpike Troubadours
  3. Josh Turner:Top 10 Songs
  4. Re-Charting The Chart


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