Whitney Rose: South Texas Suite Review

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Hailing from Prince Edward Island in Canada, Whitney Rose is one of country music’s brightest young singers. The traditionalist grew up listening to the greats in country such as Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Dolly Parton at her grandparents bar. Currently a Texas country act, Rose released the incredible Heartbreaker of the Year in 2014 in Canada and later to the US. South Texas Suite is the follow up to the critically acclaimed album and was very highly anticipated by this reviewer.

“Three Minute Love Affair” starts off the project by showing exactly what kind of songs the listener is about to hear. The song describes two people meeting on the dance floor at a honky tonk. The two people have never met before. They have no history and they have no future but, for the three minutes on the dance floor they will be together. The song takes a much different approach to two people meeting on a dance floor than you will hear in most pop music. There’s no grinding, there is no one night stand. This is just an innocent three minute affair and then the two will go separate ways.

“Analog” is Rose explaining to the listener the type of person she is. In a world where technology is shaping the way that we do practically everything, Rose continues to prefer the old ways of doing things. “My Boots” was the lead single to this EP and very well may be the best song. Things are starting to get serious with her boyfriend and he wishes to take her to meet his mother. She actually would like to meet his mother however she wants to make it clear that she refuses to be fake. If she is going to meet her she is going to be herself which includes wearing her boots. Although the song starts out about meeting her boyfriends mother, the song is really about the type of person that Whitney is. She is a strong, independent country girl who will not be told who to be or what to do.

“Blue Bonnets” which I think is a 1A to “My Boots” sounds like a classic country song that you could have heard on the radio fifty years ago. Her husband works hard all day and can sometimes forget about The beauty in the world. She plants a garden with blue bonnets for him for when he gets home to remind him of the beauty in the world. The ep rounds out with “Lookin’ Back on Luckenbach.” For those of you that don’t know Luckenbach is a community known for country music located in central Texas. Waylon Jennings actually has a song about Luchenbach as well. It is a song about reminiscing about simpler times when she was learning to become who she is. She is afraid to send a postcard or return there since she doesn’t know what the people think about her since she left. She gets choked up when she thinks about this place and it’s fond memories.

Whitney Rose is an absolute treasure. Everything that she has put out thus far in her career has been classic country gold. My biggest complaint about this ep is that it’s an ep. I wish that this was a full length album instead of just five songs but hopefully we will get more music from her soon.

Album Grade: 8.5/10

Favorite Songs: My Boots, Bluebonnets

Who Would Like This? Classic Country fans, fans of Margo Price, fans of Luke Bell



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