The Zac Brown Band Returns With New Single My Old Man

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Oftentimes context is important when discussing a new song or album. In the case of the Zac Brown Band I think it is important to talk about their most recent album Jekyll + Hyde. The albums lead single “Homegrown” was one of the best singles on country radio in early 2015 and lead many people to believe that the album would continue the bands solid works from before. Long time Zac Brown fans and country fans would become very disappointed when the album came out and was littered with EDM inspired songs including the single “Beautiful Drug.” As it turns out the bands front man Zac Brown had dreams outside of country music and wanted to make the band bigger than what it was.

What it was/is is a southern rock group from Georgia that had released mostly solid songs in the country music space for a number of years. Brown had turned his back on the bands longtime fans and was lambasted by many critics. Although Brown isn’t quite done with the EDM scene, he is at least separating the EDM stuff from the southern rock/country stuff. Brown formed a trio called Sir Roosevelt last year in an attempt to continue this pursuit while getting back to the roots of what made the Zac Brown Band great.

The Zac Brown Bands lead single for their upcoming album is titled “My Old Man.” This song is about how Zac’s father influenced him in his life. His father was a giant that he looked up to and he wanted to be just like him. He taught Zac how to be a man. When Zac grew up and had a son, he became that same kind of force for his boy who wants to be just like him. From the song we learn that his father has passed away and is looking down upon his son. He hopes that his father is proud of the man that he has become and hopes to see him again some day.

You can hear the deep emotion throughout this song. It is so honest and personal which are qualities that make a great song. There is really great fiddle play in this song which is great to hear because the band part of the Zac Brown Band is as good as it gets. I don’t remember a song of this quality being released to country radio by a star as big as Zac Brown in awhile. In my opinion this is the best song they have ever recorded and it will be very interesting to see if country radio gives this a chance. With Dave Cobb producing this album and with the great lead single I am very much looking forward to hearing this album.

Grade: 10/10 (The first perfect grade I have ever given on the blog)


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