Sam Hunt Releases Inspiring, Feminist Anthem as Lead Single

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Sam Hunt. What can I say about this guys music at this point? When I heard what the name of Hunt’s new single would be I didn’t even need to listen to the song before I had the review done in my head. The song does not get any better than the name would suggest. The name of the song? “Body Like a Backroad.” No, I am not kidding, this is what Sam Hunt and MCA find to be an acceptable lead single. If you can’t tell from the name of the song it’s a song about how Sammy boys girl apparently has a body that is bumpy, muddy and full of deer crap.

“The way she fit in them blue jeans,
She don’t need no belt.
But I can turn ’em inside out,
I don’t need no help.
Got hips like honey,
So thick and so sweet.
Ain’t no curves like hers on them downtown streets.”

Now if you can get past the bro “country” objectifying bullshit can you get past how much of a fraud Sam Hunt is? Everyone on planet earth that knows anything about country music knows that he is not country. It is understood that he is only pushed to country radio because he would fall off the face of the earth if he tried to make it on pop radio. So, what Sam Hunt thinks he could do is talk sing some songs with small town or backroad in it and maybe he can fool some people. This is the only “artist” that I have ever given a 0/10 to and he already has two of them in the last 2 months. Screw MCA for allowing this and screw country radio for continuing to make this fool a star.

Grade: F

**Since day one of the blog I have not liked the idea of giving number grades for songs/albums. I don’t think that it gets across my true opinion of the quality of the work and can lead to some confusion. I think letter grades work better for myself so from henceforth I will be giving letter grades instead of number grades.



    1. Thanks haha. This will of course be a number 1 hit because country radio has no standards. Im sure there will b tons to make fun of on his new album because if we don’t laugh about it we will throw up.


  1. Yes! Your title for this review was A+. Is it bad that I was a little relieved to hear this song after listening to Drinkin’ Too Much? This song, and his music, in general, is just becoming so much of a joke. I cannot handle it. Nothing more or nothing less needs to be said about this song. Hopefully, it does not catch on, but alas, knowing country radio, it will.

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    1. Thank you Trinity. Country radio will eat this up its already up to #29 on mediabase. These type of “artists” may never be fully purged from radio but hopefully the real artists will at least outnumber them in the future. Right now country radio is just too bad for me to listen to.


      1. That is such terrible news to hear honestly. I cannot listen to country radio right now either! I hate to see this song gaining so quickly.

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  2. Sam Hunt is a great artist and one of the best in country. An ascap winner writing songs for Chesney, Urban, and more. He’s actually one of the few that has resisted the “bro” country movement. I believe this southern gentleman deserves some credit. It’s actually a cute song expressing endearment. Why don’t we want our men to think we are hot anyway? No harm in expressing that and he has more songs with profound meaning, but this is just a fun song for summer.


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