Charlie Worsham: The Beginning of Things

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Charlie Worsham has returned with new music after releasing his debut album Rubberband in August of 2013. Worsham released two singles “Could It Be” and “Want Me Too” which peaked at 13 and 33 respectively. The album was littered with quality songwriting and a unique sound. His sound has evolved even more based on the songs that Worsham has released thus far from his upcoming album Beginning Of Things which will be out April 21st.

“The Beginning of Things” is a song that I think I like more than most people. The storytelling for me really stands out on this song. It’s about a family that includes William, Samantha and their daughter. William who goes by Bill only likes the beginning of things in life. After Bill and Samantha get married and have a daughter, Bill quickly tires of being a family man and walks out on them. We learn that Samantha is suffering from dementia and has days where she has trouble recognizing her own daughter. When Samantha eventually dies, Bill attends the funeral. His daughter tells him that she blames him for walking out on them and what happened to her mother even if Samantha never blamed him. To avoid the situation Bill grabs his coat and again walks out on his daughter.

This is a fantastic way for Charlie Worsham to return although I have little faith in radio giving this a chance. I think that I like this song more than most as I see it as great storytelling that really makes you feel the pain that Bill has caused. I really look forward to hearing the whole album when it comes out in April and you can be sure that the lyrics will be special.

Grade: B+




  1. Well I have neglected to comment here lately, I definitely have not neglected to read my friend!

    Like you, I also think this song is really good. Charlie’s new music isn’t exactly traditional, but he’s like Eric Church, Tim McGraw, and David Nail – making quality (IMO) music that’s something the mainstream desperately needs right now.


  2. Well while I have neglected to comment here lately, I have not neglected to read, my friend!

    I agree, I think this is better than many are giving it credit for. Charlie’s new music isn’t exactly traditional, but like say, Tim McGraw, Eric Church or David Nail, he’s making quality (IMO) music that the mainstream needs right now.

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  3. I saw CW open for The Time Jumpers at the CMA’s 50th Anniversary concert a few months back. He performed some of his own songs, and I was lukewarm, but the classic covers were very good. For certain, he has plenty of potential and a lot of support from some big names like Vince Gill. I’m taking a “wait and see” approach to see what his album brings.

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