Just A Phase: Adam Craig Single Review

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Adam Craig has been a songwriter in Nashville for about 13 years. Craig has penned songs for big names like Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Parmalee and Love and Theft among others. Craig released his first ep last year and I honestly was not impressed. It basically had four boring pop songs which included the lame wordplay song “Reckon.” There was one song however that I thought was pretty good called “Just A Phase” and it happens to be his new single.

The man in the story is in a relationship with a woman that he knows is not going to last. The two are opposite types of people and she will eventually realize that she does not belong with a guy like him. In the meantime however, while she is figuring this out he is going to stay with her as long as he possibly can because he knows that he is just a phase this woman is going through. He plans to pretend he doesn’t know what is so obviously true. She thinks that she loves him and they will be together forever but, the guy knows this is all just in her head.

Would I call this song country?… Probably not at all but, I will say this is a pretty good song that actually shows maturity and tells a real story. Like most singles on county radio we do not get a ton of time to really delve deep into why these two aren’t great for each other except for some general things. The idea for this song has a chance to be better than it is by just extending the song and being more detailed. Ultimately, that is what brings down a good song/idea.

Song Grade: C+


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