Top 10 Cody Johnson Songs

10. (I Wouldn’t Go There) If I Were You: A man attempting to reason with his heart about a woman that broke his heart. This woman sets a fire in him that is irresistible but, his brain is trying to remind his heart about the last time she put him through hell.

9. Dance Her Home: My favorite boot stomper in Cody Johnson’s collection. A beautiful woman walks into a bar and the guy is picturing how incredible it would be if she would give him a chance to “Dance her Home.” Throughout the song he is trying to work up the courage to tell her what is going through his head and get her to dance with him.

8. Proud: The two people in this song are in a great relationship that the two of them can both be proud of. The man gets up every day before the sun comes up and works like a dog till the sun goes down. What gets him through it is getting to rest his head next to the most beautiful woman in the world.

7. Me And My Kind: In a bar with a friend the man sees his ex girlfriend walk in. The man’s friend points her out and asks if it’s okay if he buys her a drink. The man tells his friend it is okay but, warns him that she is over cowboys. He ruined it for his kind when he treated her like crap and left her alone.

6. Holes: Holes describes the literal and figurative holes that this man has made in his life. It is a part of who this man has been but, we are left to believe that he recognizes all of these mistakes and is going to try and change.

5. Guilty As Can Be: This song is flat out bad ass. The narrator walks in on the love of his life and the mother of his two children having an affair with another man in their bedroom. The narrator loses his mind in anger and shoots the guy and kills him because someone had to pay the price for this betrayal. When the judge asks him if he is guilty he states “If murdering a man who didn’t understand, just what she meant to me, means i’ll rot here in this cell for eternity, than mister i’m as guilty as can be.”

4. Every Scar Has A Story: Johnson describes all the physical pain that he has gone through in his life. All of those experiences have left scars but, none have hurt him as bad as the pain that a woman he loved put him through. He believes that the pain from her leaving him will last forever while his physical wounds will all eventually heal.

3. I Don’t Care About You: The man in this story is at his wits end in a relationship. The woman is constantly starting fights with him and her friends are planting ideas in her head about how much of a jerk he is. Finally, he tells her that he refuses to fight with her tonight and he tells her that she can walk out the door if she wants to.

2. The Only One I Know: One of the things that makes country music great is the honest and relateable storytelling. This song serves as an autobiography of Cody’s life as a rodeo man. It was a lonely and painful life in pursuit of living the cowboy life but, it was the only life that he knew.

1.  Walk Away: Cody Johnson’s best song comes from his most recent album Gotta Be Me. The man knows that his wife has been cheating on him and he invites the guy she has been cheating with for a talk at a bar. Neither the man’s wife or the guy she has been cheating with know that her husband knows. During the talk he explains to the other guy that he knows what has been going on and he wants it to stop. He still loves her and would like to give her a second chance. It is taking a great deal of control for him to not lose it.



  1. Thanks for this…always wanted a good place to start with Cody. I liked his last album more than I probably should have, I mean it really grew on me over time. I’ll have to check out his other material!

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