Ryan Kinder Single Review:Close

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I have been following Ryan Kinder since he released his single “Tonight” to country radio in 2015. After listening to “Tonight” I listened to his first single “Kiss Me When I’m Down” which was a really good song as well. Kinder has a really great voice that does not sound like anyone else on country radio in 2017. The fact that his voice and style are unique is certainly a wonderful thing to see considering how homogeneous country radio has become.

“Close” is a song about a guy trying to pick up a woman. He tells her that they might not fall in love but, the two of them could at least get close. It’s about diving in and taking a chance at love and even if the two of them don’t actually fall in love perhaps they could get close to that feeling of fireworks when you fall in love.

The song from Kinder really tries to draw you in with the sound and the hook of the song coming from the chorus. It’s an entertaining, fun song that puts a different spin on the overplayed pickup song. Ultimately the failings of this record are what I say all the time in regards to country radio singles. The song fails to get beyond a very general, superficial level. There is a real lack of any kinds of details and everything just happens too fast. I like Kinder and I will be routing for this song to do well so we could get a full length debut. Hopefully, then we could get to know Kinder a little bit better.

Song Grade: C+


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