Re-Charting The Chart

Every week we will take a look at the top 30 Mediabase Country Chart. We will re-rank the songs on the chart based on the quality and overall enjoyment of each song. Next to each song I will provide the ranking that we would give it and the actual ranking on the Mediabase chart in parenthesis (From America’s Music Charts). Songs that are in the color red are songs that are either recurrent or in danger of going recurrent soon, while blue is for songs that I predict will go to number 1 at some point. At the end of each ranking there will be some thoughts about the current chart as well as any news or updates that are deemed important. I hope everyone enjoys this weekly post and feel free to comment/agree/disagree with anything you see.

  1. Eric Church ft. Rhiannon Giddens                     Kill A Word (6) A-
  2. Craig Campbell                                                         Outskirts of Heaven (26) B+
  3. Runaway June                                                            Lipstick (25) B+
  4. Chris Janson                                                               Holdin’ Her (20) B+
  5. Brad Paisley                                                                Today (4) B+
  6. Miranda Lambert                                                      We Should Be Friends (27) B
  7. Darius Rucker                                                             If I Told You (23) B
  8. Chris Young                                                                Sober Saturday Night (2) B
  9. Dan and Shay                                                              How Not To (21)
  10. Little Big Town                                                           Better Man (1)  B-
  11. Josh Turner                                                                  Hometown Girl (13) C+
  12. Jon Pardi                                                                       Dirt On My Boots (5) C+
  13. Luke Bryan                                                                  Fast (7) C+
  14. Jason Aldean                                                               Any Ol’ Barstool (9) C+
  15. High Valley                                                                 Make You Mine (18) C+
  16. Luke Combs                                                                Hurricane (22) C
  17. Kenny Chesney                                                          Bar At The End of…(14) C
  18. Garth Brooks                                                              Baby, Let’s Lay Down… (15) C
  19. Trent Harmon                                                            There’s a Girl (19) C
  20. Lauren Alaina                                                             Road Less Traveled (8) C
  21. Rascal Flatts                                                                Yours If You Want It (24) C-
  22. Brett Young                                                                 In Case You Didn’t Know (29) C-
  23. Keith Urban                                                                 The Fighter (30) F
  24. Kelsea Ballerini                                                          Yeah Boy (11) F
  25. Dierks Bentley                                                            Black (17) F
  26. Dustin Lynch                                                              Seein’ Red (10)  F
  27. Michael Ray                                                                Think a Little Less (3) F
  28. Lady Antebellum                                                       You Look Good (28) F
  29. Brantley Gilbert                                                        The Weekend (12) F
  30. Sam Hunt                                                                    Body Like A Backroad(16) F

New To The Top 30: “You Look Good,” “In Case You Didn’t Know,” “The Fighter.” In Case You Didn’t Know is Brett Young’s second single. He follows up the sappy, whipped pop song with what do ya know another one! I have 0 interest in hearing his new album that came out a couple weeks ago. Just too many albums from artists I respect that I still haven’t gotten to. The Fighter which was performed at the Grammy’s is brutal like Urban’s entire album. Not country in the slightest and the worst part is that Carrie Underwood won’t get to release “Choctaw County Affair” because of her collaboration on this song 😦

Songs That Left the Top 30: “80’s Mercedes,” “A Guy With A Girl,” “Star Of The Show.” 80’s Mercedes will apparently be followed up by “I Could Use A Love Song” which is a phenomenal choice for her next single.

Songs I See Leaving Us Soon: “Seein’ Red,” “Better Man,” “Make You Mine,” “Outskirts of Heaven,” “Holdin’ Her,” “There’s a Girl,” “Make You Mine.” Make You Mine has been a single for over a year already give me a break. Holdin’ Her and Outskirts of Heaven have both struggled getting up the chart but their labels are continuing to promote them. There’s a Girl appears to be done and Lipstick is done.

Quick Thoughts: So as it turns out “How Not Too” is going to stay as Dan and Shay’s single despite reports that they were dropping promotion. I made some changes to Re-Charting the Chart this week and I may make more changes in the coming weeks. You may have noticed I got rid of the chart score. I may come up with a new scoring method but for now I won’t score the chart.




  1. I’m curious about where you put Lauren Alaina for #1 chances? It seems like her song is testing well and radio is converting it! I think it could be a dark horse contender for #1.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s already top 10 and it seems like her label is going to keep pushing it. I think it has a shot but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets to top 5 and stalls out. If I were her label I would promote the heck out of it to make sure it goes 1. It’s so hard for women to get big hits like this so they should take advantage of this chance.


      1. Right once it hits the Top 5. Then it all comes down to those next 1-2 weeks afterwards. If radio is still receptive, you put the pedal to the metal and you don’t look back. If radio isn’t than you let go quickly and send the followup asap.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Right now there are 5 songs guaranteed to go number 1 in front of Alaina. So id say mid April would be her chance. I’m curious to see if without the boost from On The Verge if a single of hers can have success. The next single will say a lot about her sustainability.


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