This Month In Review (February)

Image result for calendar of february 2017

February was my second full month writing for this blog. Unfortunately, I was not able to write as often as I would like but, there are some exciting new additions coming to the blog including the Sunday morning feature Time Capsule. Like last month I reviewed some great material this month as well as some lesser quality material. Thank you to the people that have read the blog and I hope you enjoy my work! If you are new to the blog or missed anything this month here is a summary of everything I did this month.

Albums Reviewed In Order Of Grade

  1. Darrell Webb Band Lovers Leap Album Review
  2. Aaron Watson Vaquero Album Review
  3. Whitney Rose: South Texas Suite Review

Songs Reviewed In Order Of Grade

  1. Sam Hunt Releases Inspiring, Feminist Anthem as Lead Single
  2. Just A Phase: Adam Craig Single Review
  3. Ryan Kinder Single Review:Close
  4. Charlie Worsham: The Beginning of Things
  5. The Zac Brown Band Returns With New Single My Old Man

Think Pieces

  1. The Dirty Mainstream

Other Work

  1. The Grammy’s Country Edition
  2. My Grammy Reaction
  3. Top 10 Cody Johnson Songs
  4. Re-Charting The ChartRe-Charting The Chart

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