Country Folk Band Mipso Announces New Album and Tour, Releases New Single

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Country/Folk/Bluegrass quartet Mipso started off as a college duo at UNC Chapel Hill. Over time with the help of Chapel Hill record label Robust Records the group became a quartet consisting of guitarist Joseph Terrell, mandolin player Jacob Sharp, bassist Wood Robinson and fiddle player Libby Rodenbough. The group up to this point has been mostly an acoustic band but, with their new album they will be incorporating steel guitar as well as more electric elements into their sound. If their lead single to the album is any inclination of the direction that the band is headed I must say it is for the best. “Coming Down the Mountain” which also happens to be the title track showcases the addition of steel guitar with the usual acoustic sound that Mipso has had on their first two albums.

The song describes someone who can no longer take the stresses and responsibilities that come with life. She packs up all of her belongings, throws away her phone and leaves for 10 years. She buys a boat and becomes a fisherman during which time she is able to make enough money to pay off her debts and she is able to forgive the grudges that she once held. The idea of coming down the mountain is that this person is returning home after being away for so long, finally coming down the mountain. She was content with her life as a fisherman but, that time in her life has come to an end.

Mipso will release their 3rd album Coming Down the Mountain on April 7th. Below you can view a list of Mipso’s spring tour which is continuing to expand.



  1. I saw you mention Mipso on Twitter but I had no clue what you meant. The lead singer’s voice isn’t strong in my opinion, but it’s a nice song all the same. Good use of the steel there! I’ll be on the lookout for more stuff from this band.

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