Collective Writing Piece

Hey guys! I have gotten some really positive feedback about my idea for a community writing piece. ICYMI my idea was that the feature would be a community writing feature with basically no rules. So what I mean by this is that anyone could submit to me via email something they have written whether it is a song, poem, story whatever. I would look what you send me over and put it in a monthly post along with all the other submissions to share with the other readers of this blog. After I post the feature we could have discussions and comments about the different writings. If you so choose, what you send me could be posted anonymously or you could give your name if you wish. The deadline for submissions will be Monday March 20th which will give me a week to put together the piece. I am really excited about this idea and I hope that it can grow into something really cool. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to be on Twitter, over email or on the blog contact page directly. Twitter @countrycritics     Email



  1. Interesting idea. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I have a few minutes, so I’ll take a go:

    “I’m just a prisoner in my own mind-
    Bars filled with memories; walls built by time.
    No way to escape; my phone is a cell.
    Alone with my demons; my own private hell.

    I’m just a stranger in my own life.
    Taking up space, and trying to kill time.
    Alone as a king, ruling no one at all
    The throne where I think; dreams struggle and fall

    She stomps on my heart as I walk through my mind,
    Now nobody’s here. Nobody comes by.
    Not even me. I left long ago.
    Just a broken old body hosting a broken down ghost.

    I’m just a prisoner in my own mind.
    Condemned to the persistent damn ticking of time.
    Alone to see and feel the end drawing nearer.
    “Is that good or bad ?” I ask the man in the mirror.”

    Gee, that was pretty damn depressing. It sort of just flowed that way.

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    1. Wow. That was really great. A little sad but great. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely include this in the feature. I don’t want to say too much more than that since I want to save all my thoughts for the feature but I’m impressed. If you have anything else you want to share I’m not closing submissions until the 20th.


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