The Best of The Worst March Madness Country Edition

As promised I will be doing a March Madness feature for the blog. You guys will get to vote in a March Madness style format with singles going against each other.  I thought for awhile about what would be the criteria used in order to be eligible so I came up with this. You will get to vote on what you deem to be the best single from the artists that are viewed as the worst offenders in country music right now. I will give 2 possible choices for each artist in the first bout of voting. Then once it is narrowed down to one song for each artist, those songs will face off against each other based on seed and you will get to vote on who advances to the next round. There will be 32 songs to begin. Eventually we will get a winner who will be crowned the best of the worst, song. I came up with this idea because a lot of these artists who are currently putting out bad or boring music have had songs or even albums of great songs from years ago. This shows what they are capable of if they only tried. For some artists like Dustin Lynch it was difficult to come up with 2 good singles so please excuse “Where It’s at.” We will get to go back into the vault a little bit and listen to these artists when they still put out good country music. Enjoy!… and Vote!

Field Of 32





  1. Jason Aldean’s The Truth, The Band Perry’s If I Die Young, and Dustin Lynch’s Cowboys and Angels are all incredible songs. It’s so sad to see the shit they are doing now.

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  2. Really, that Dustin Lynch song is phenomenal. I’m not joking. The only song better than Cowboys and Angels that was charting at the time was Chris Young’s Neon. If he would have continued his career with more songs in the vein of Cowboys and Angels instead of his bro country shit, he would be an artist I would think very highly of.

    As for Jason Aldean, he had some great music early on. His first album was solid (Asphalt Cowboy should have been a single–what an awesome song!), And his second album was criminally underrated (Relentless is chock-full of wonderful album cuts: Do You Wish It Was Me, Who’s Kissing You Tonight, Back In This Cigarette, Grown Woman, I Break Everything I Touch–seriously, these are great songs–go listen to them if you’ve never heard them). Love Was Easy from Wide Open was also great. As for his singles, Amarillo Sky and The Truth are both fantastic. I would have to go with The Truth, for the fact I love sad songs and my favorite artist, Ashley Monroe, co-wrote it. Listening to these songs, you wouldn’t recognize Jason–he doesn’t sound at all like the same bro-country douchebag that sang the crap-tacular Burnin’ It Down. Jason Aldean is one of the biggest wastes of talent in country music today.

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    1. Yes! Your absolutely right in fact I have a bunch of those songs on my current playlist that I listen to. Jason used to b one of my favorite artists when I first started listening to country years ago. And Dustin Lynch is just unfortunate. I loved Cowboys and Angels but he hasn’t had one single since that that was even tolerable. There’s 0 hope for him at this point.


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