March Madness Country Edition Sweet 16

Thanks to everyone who voted in round 1 of the The Best of The Worst March Madness Country Edition Field of 32. Welcome to the Sweet 16 where the songs were seeded based on my personal rankings. Again you will have a few days to cast your votes.



  1. Wow, some of these are hard to pick from! In the first round, I went with Lady A. Raymond is okay, but I feel like that topic is much better dealt with and is more personal in William Michael Morgan’s I Know Who He Is. Love Don’t Live Here is one my favorite Lady A songs, right after American Honey. Round two, for sure Keith Urban. Behind Stupid Boy, Tonight I Wanna Cry is his best song. I just don’t like Cole Swindell or anything he does. Round three, I went with Thomas Rhett. I hate majority of what he does, but I love Beer With Jesus. Blake’s Austin is good too, but not as good as Beer With Jesus. Round four is nearly impossible to pick from. I ultimately went with Jason Aldean, because The Truth is my favorite song of his, and my favorite artist on the planet co-wrote it (Ashley Monroe). If I Die Young is also amazing, it is The Band Perry’s best song in behind Postcard from Paris. Round five, I ultimately went with FGL. Dirt is my favorite song of theirs, and I normally hate just about most everything they do. Anything Goes is also a great song, and Randy gives one hell of a vocal performance, but I enjoy Dirt slightly more. Round six, I went with Dierks. Long Trip alone is a great song, and it’s really sad to see Dierks doing the kind of shit he’s doing nowadays. The Toby Keith song is also pretty good, one of his better songs. Round seven, for sure Rascal Flatts. I’m Movin’ On is my favorite song of theirs. Do I is just meh to me. Round eight, Dustin Lynch for sure. Cowboys and Angels is my favorite song of his. The Kenny Chesney song is also good, but Cowboys and Angels is amazing and is one of my favorite songs ever! In fact, I’m off to listen to it right now. 🙂

    Again, Alexander, I think this is a super cool and fun idea to do this march madness style tournament. It’s a testament to the fact that most of these artists can do so much better if they tried.

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    1. Thanks Amanda! Our picks differed a little bit for example I think Raymond is phenomenal and I don’t think Beer With Jesus is anything great just better than any other Thomas Rhett song. Also your favorite Lady A songs are mine as well. Their earlier stuff wasn’t bad but their last few albums have just been boring as hell. And I get you not liking any Cole Swindell stuff. There’s actually a few songs on his newest album that are guilty pleasures for me but overall I agree on him.


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