Sunday Morning Time Capsule

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Hello all! Welcome to the new feature Sunday Morning Time Capsule which will be a weekly feature here at Critically Country. In this feature I will do a throwback spotlight on a song, album or subject. I say spotlight instead of review because I won’t be giving grades for this feature just discussing the piece of work. Nostalgia can be a powerful thing so hopefully you all enjoy this piece as much as I do. I am happy to take requests for the Time Capsule if you have any so speak up if you do.

Last week the Sunday Morning Time Capsule took us back to 1971 for the duet “When the Fire is Gone” with Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. This week we fast forward to 2010 for Dierks Bentley’s “Draw me a Map” which was the second single from Dierks’ bluegrass album Up On The Ridge. It’s incredible to think how much of a difference only seven years can make. In 2010 Dierks Bentley was already an established Country artist who was releasing some of the best material in the mainstream. The project Up On The Ridge was not made for commercial success and was far from a money grab. This was a project that meant something to Dierks as an artist and was important to him even if it wouldn’t make him rich. 6 years later Dierks Bentley became a sellout turning his back on the music and fans that made him a star as I mentioned here.

“Draw me a Map” is a terrific song that bridges the gap between country and bluegrass quite well. The song is about lost love and the desire to get it back. Dierks opens the song by staring deep into the eyes of the women he loves. If he took her for granted or treated her poorly he is truly sorry and is begging for forgiveness. The problem is the man has no idea why his love is leaving him which makes getting her back all the more difficult. He needs to know what he did wrong in order to make it right and get his woman back. There is real desperation and pain that protrudes from this song. The plot is very relateable as many of us have been in a position where we have made a mistake and don’t have a clue how to fix it. Life like relationships comes with no map and no directions.

I miss this Dierks greatly. I fear that the days of Dierks being a positive force in country music may be over and one of my former favorite artists may be gone. I don’t criticize to be a jerk, I criticize because I care. This shows that Dierks not only knows better but, is capable of better. This isn’t a talentless  hack like Sam Hunt or Florida Georgia Line this is Dierks Bentley. Come back to us Dierks, please.









  1. I’ll admit it–I’m not the world’s biggest Dierks fan. He’s good, but I’ll take Jon Pardi, William Michael Morgan, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Eric Church, Tim McGraw, Gary Allan and Josh Turner any day over Dierks. However, it’s hard for anyone to deny the talent he possesses. This song is amazing. Hell, the entire Up On the Ridge album is amazing. That is what frustrates me so about Dierks. He is incredibly talented and versatile, he could be a bright light in mainstream country, but instead he decides to record bullshit like Different for Girls, snoozefests like Black, and whatever the hell Somewhere on a Beach was. Hopefully Dierks will realize the error of his ways, pull a Tim McGraw, and come back better than ever. 🙂

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    1. All great names you listed but up until Black was released Dierks for me was one of the best in the mainstream. It all comes down to whether or not Black has elevated him to A list status which I don’t believe it has. I also think Dierks cares too much for him to release another album like this. Hopefully he frames this as an experimental project and comes back to the Riser era.


  2. The Riser era had some pretty solid singles. Riser is a criminally underrated gem. I Hold On and Say You Do were solid. I wish Bourbon in Kentucky would have become a hit, I love that song. Drunk On a Plane was silly, but it did tell a good story (an uncommon occurence in mainstream country today, I know). I didn’t hate Drunk On a Plane like a lot of people did, because I think there is a place for funny, silly, slightly stupid songs in country music if they are done right. And Drunk on a Plane is done right.

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    1. I didn’t think there was a bad single during the Riser era. “Drunk on a Plane” is hated by a lot of people but I thought it was harmless and pretty funny. I have never been to a Dierks show but im sure that’s also a fan favorite song.


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