Old Dominion No Such Thing As a Broken Heart Single Review

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Old Dominion is an interesting cast of characters. The band is made up of talented songwriters who had written hit songs for a variety of artists including Dierks Bentley, Craig Morgan and The Band Perry among others. Those hits songs were no slouches either they were pretty good songs. Unfortunately, when it came time for the band to release their own material it was… well lets just say it was embarrassing. Meat and Candy, Old Dominions first album was full of songs that could have been written by an 8 year old including a song actually called “Said Nobody.” The bands first two radio singles were not particularly good but, they showed with their final single from Meat and Candy “Song For Another Time” that perhaps they were looking to turn a corner and that they wanted to record more substantive material.

Now before you even listen to this song you have to come to terms with the fact that musically Old Dominion is what they are. They aren’t a traditional country band by any real stretch but, their new single is actually pretty good. “No Such Thing As a Broken Heart” is Old Dominions best song by a mile. The song is mature, catchy and has a great overall message. There are things in life that we would like to control but we cannot. You have to live your life free and enjoy it and you have to love even though you know there’s a possibility it may break your heart. Ramsay the bands lead singer even invokes his mom and dad in the song describing their incredible marriage. A possible negative about the song for some people is going to be the electronic clapping sound that you will also find on High Valley’s new single “She’s With Me.” On this song in particular however it doesn’t really bother me because it’s not overbearing and obnoxious like “She’s With Me” can be.

We are starting to see the goofy partying bands and artists make a pivot in the last year. Florida Georgia Line, Dan and Shay and now Old Dominion are all at least trying somewhat to make more mature and substantive music. In the case of the last 2 they actually succeed in this while Florida Georgia Line is doing a stadium tour with The Backstreet Boys and Nelly but, I digress.

This is a really nice lead single for Old Dominion and it makes me at least interested in hearing their sophomore album. If the rest of the album is like this song it will certainly have my approval.

Writers: Old Dominion and Jesse Frasure

Grade: B




  1. One thing’s for sure: at least they’re not FGL. I got into a hilariously heated argument with an FGL fan the other day after he extolled the so-called “greatness” of FGL and made fun of me for liking Ashley Monroe. Honestly, he’s quite a moron and I’m still shocked he graduated high school. A crazy bunch, those FGL fans.

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