Re-Charting The Chart

Every week we will take a look at the top 30 Mediabase Country Chart. We will re-rank the songs on the chart based on the quality and overall enjoyment of each song. Next to each song I will provide the ranking that we would give it and the actual ranking on the Mediabase chart in parenthesis (From America’s Music Charts). Songs that are in the color red are songs that are either recurrent or in danger of going recurrent soon, while blue is for songs that I predict will go to number 1 at some point. At the end of each ranking there will be some thoughts about the current chart as well as any news or updates that are deemed important. I hope everyone enjoys this weekly post and feel free to comment/agree/disagree with anything you see.

  1. Zac Brown Band                                                      My Old Man (23) A
  2. Eric Church ft. Rhiannon Giddens                    Kill A Word (6) A-
  3. Craig Campbell                                                        Outskirts of Heaven (25) B+
  4. Brad Paisley                                                              Today (7) B+
  5. Miranda Lambert                                                    We Should Be Friends (26) B
  6. Darius Rucker                                                           If I Told You (18) B
  7. Chris Young                                                              Sober Saturday Night (12) B
  8. Dan and Shay                                                            How Not To (16) 
  9. Josh Turner                                                                Hometown Girl (10) C+
  10. Jon Pardi                                                                     Dirt On My Boots (2) C+
  11. Luke Bryan                                                                 Fast (3) C+
  12. Jason Aldean                                                              Any Ol’ Barstool (5) C+
  13. High Valley                                                                 Make You Mine (30) C+
  14. Luke Combs                                                                Hurricane (15) C
  15. Kenny Chesney                                                          Bar At The End of…(13) C
  16. Trent Harmon                                                             There’s a Girl (19) C
  17. Lauren Alaina                                                             Road Less Traveled (4) C
  18. Justin Moore                                                               Somebody Else Will (27) C-
  19. Rascal Flatts                                                                Yours If You Want It (20) C-
  20. Brett Young                                                                 In Case You Didn’t Know (17) C-
  21. Cole Swindell                                                              Flatliner (28) D
  22. Dylan Scott                                                                  My Girl (24) D
  23. Keith Urban                                                                 The Fighter (22) F
  24. Kelsea Ballerini                                                          Yeah Boy (8) F
  25. Dierks Bentley                                                            Black (14) F
  26. Michael Ray                                                                 Think a Little Less (1) F
  27. Lady Antebellum                                                        You Look Good (21) F
  28. Brantley Gilbert                                                          The Weekend (11) F
  29. Florida Georgia Line                                                  Boy Band’s Are Lit (29) F
  30. Sam Hunt                                                                     Body Like A Backroad(9) F

New To The Top 30: Florida Georgia Line “God Your Mamma and Me” obviously a bit of sarcasm by me but my goodness I can’t stand these clowns. This gem features the Backstreet Boys who Beevus and Butthead list as their idols. They will be doing a stadium tour together along with Nelly.

Dylan Scott “My Girl.” There isn’t a trend Dylan Scott isn’t willing to chase in order to make it in country music. Unfortunately for him it has not worked so far. I was first introduced to Dylan when he tried his hand at bro country. That was a flop so he covered a Justin Bieber song and an Ed Sheeran song. And now he’s doing a straight up generic pop song that name drops Eminem.

Cole Swindell “Flatliner.” Cole drags his buddy Dierks through this duet to further destroy any credibility that he had built up over a decade. This song is just pretty stupid. It’s about how a girl is so hot she makes these guys flatline. Cute.

Justin Moore “Somebody Else Will.” I really thought Justin was going to go in a more traditional direction with his new album after the pretty solid lead single “You Look Like I Need a Drink” went to number 1. What we got was a half pop album half pretty good album with loads of drum loops. I’ll admit this song is pretty catchy and the idea isn’t horrible but the pop production kills it.

Songs That Left The Top 30: “Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance” next single is “Ask me How I Know”

Chris Janson “Holdin’ Her”

Little Big Town “Better Man” next single is “Happy People”


Songs That I See Going Recurrent Soon:  “Make You Mine” is finally done after over a year on the chart. “She’s With Me” is the follow up single.

“Outskirts of Heaven” is going for max spins so it should be gone in the next couple of weeks.

“Today,” “Sober Saturday Night,” “There’s a Girl”











  1. Dude, I can’t stomach FGL and their dumb song God, Your Mama and Me. And that’s coming from someone who (somewhat ashamedly) counts the Backstreet Boys as a guilty pleasure. I grew up around their music, and I have an older cousin who was obsessed with them in their prime. And I gotta admit, The Call is a great pop record. But this is a train-wreck meets plane-crash disaster. 😦

    Ugh, Cole Swindell. To me, he is the worst artist in mainstream country. Cole is a talentless hack. He can’t sing, he has the worst dance moves ever, and his persona reminds me of that of my most recent ex-boyfriend’s sleazy, trashy, annoying cousin, which makes me like Cole even less. 😦 I don’t understand the appeal of Cole at all. How do girls my age (I’m 20) find him attractive? He looks like Humpty Dumpty. Honestly, I find Jon Pardi much more attractive. He’s cute as hell and his songs have some substance to them. And he’s an actual country artist. Cole is like the embarrassing parent chaperone at the prom who gets out on the dance floor, busts a move, and humiliates the hell out of their child. Don’t even get me started on Flatliner. As expected, Cole is absolutely awful, but Dierks Bentley? Boy, he’s really looking to ruin his credibility. He used to be (and could still be once the “Black” phase wears off) pretty good. This is one of the worst songs he has ever participated in. As for Cole, he needs to go back to Luke Bryan’s merch table, as he has absolutely nothing to offer to country music.

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    1. Ha! The Cole Swindell rant made me laugh. He’s not even in my top 5 least favorite mainstream artists they would b Sam Hunt, Fgl, Brett Young, Chris Lane and Locash but your not wrong. I also get it with The Backstreet Boys I grew up with their music as well (I’m 21) but get them off country radio! And Jon Pardis music isn’t perfect but at least it resembles country and he’s likeable as a human being.


  2. Totally agree about the five artists you mentioned. There are some good artists in the mainstream, but lots and lots of crappy ones as well.

    Sam Hunt is not completely talentless. Aside from Body Like a Backroad (I hate that song with a passion) and Break Up in a Small Town (decently written but so very boring), he’s an okay songwriter and his music is alright…….for a pop station. He needs to get off of country radio. FGL is embarrassing, Chris Lane and LoTrash are talentless hacks, and Brett Young sounds like a mix of nails on a chalkboard and a bratty kid screaming and whining in a toy store.

    My top five favorite current mainstream country artists:

    1.) Ashley Monroe (Like a Rose is my favorite album ever, Two Weeks Late is my favorite song ever, and she should go down as one of the best songwriters and storytellers in country music history. She should be the biggest star in country music, but because of bro-country and misplaced modifiers on country radio (Sam Hunt!), we can’t have nice things.)
    2.) Kacey Musgraves (another fantastic, clever, wise-beyond-her-years singer/songwriter who actually sings country music. In a better world, she’d be a huge commercial success.)
    3.) William Michael Morgan (The most promising new artist in country music. Last year, he put out the hands-down best mainstream album of the year. He’s very talented and also deserves to be a huge star. Lonesomeville, I Know Who He Is, and Missing are absolutely fantastic songs, and not only are they fantastic, they are all stone-cold country.)
    4.) Jon Pardi (Finally, a newer artist who is brave enough to bring traditional country back to country radio and be a success. He put out a great album last year, and has some great songs, and ain’t too bad on the eyes either, to me 😉 )
    5.) Aubrie Sellers (Her music is so different and unlike anything else in the mainstream. Not exactly country, but amazing nonetheless. I’ve downloaded the digital copy of her album and I’m obsessed with it. I would love to find the hard copy somewhere so I could play it in my car non-stop! If you haven’t heard Loveless Rolling Stone, you need to hear it.)

    Top 5 least favorites:

    1.) Thomas Rhett (South Side and Vacation are the two worst songs I have ever heard. One good song (Beer With Jesus), one okay pop song (Crash and Burn), and a few forgettable songs (Star of the Show, Die a Happy Man, It Goes Like This) will never, ever, ever make up for those two shitshows I mentioned at the beginning.)
    2.) Cole Swindell (the rant above says it all)
    3.) Chris Lane (a talentless hack who has no business being in country music. Have you heard Let Me Love You? It’s a cover of a sort-of okay early 2000s R&B song that just sounds godawful with Lane covering it. If you’re brave enough to listen, I hope you have a barf bag on hand, because you’re gonna need it.)
    4.) FGL (the most embarrassing act in country music history)
    5.) Michael Ray (I hated Kiss You in the Morning, despised Real Men Love Jesus with a passion, and hated Think a Little Less. Strike one, strike two, strike three, you’re out!)

    The fact that the insipid Brett Young and horrid LoCash didn’t make my top 5 says a lot about the horrible artists of “country” music. Sam Hunt isn’t necessarily horrendous (aside from his current single) in my opinion, but I do not like him at all as a country artist and he’s the last person who belongs in the country genre.

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    1. I hate Sam Hunt mostly for being a fraud. He tries to pretend sometimes with song names with country leanings but he doesn’t in any way represent actual country. In regards to Loveless Rolling Stone I have heard it and it’s actually on my personal playlist. If you want a good laugh I’m not sure if you have seen it but look up Chris Lanes American Idol audition. He auditioned with his twin brother to be rappers it’s hilarious how much of a moron he is.


  3. I totally see where you’re coming from on Sam Hunt. I generally try to avoid Chris Lane but I may have to check that out, it sounds hilarious. He seems like a total airhead.

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  4. Oh my god. Oh my god. What the hell did I just watch? That was such a hilarious epic fail! How the hell did he get a record deal. That was gosh awful. All three of them. Barbie and the Moron twins were absolutely awful! All three of them are a hilariously awful trainwreck of a joke. She makes Kelsea Ballerini look like Ashley Monroe, and Chris and his brother make Thomas Rhett and Cole Swindell look like William Michael Morgan and Jon Pardi. Wow. Thanks for linking this, Alexander. This video made for a fantastic laugh.

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  5. Cool feature. Thanks for saying at the bottom which ones you think are going recurrent since the color coding did not help me 🙂 in the absence of Country Perspective, we need things like this feature. Good stuff.

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