Tim and Faith Release New Single Speak to a Girl

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I think most of us were surprised when Tim McGraw made the decision to leave Big Machine after all of the success that he has had since joining them in  2012. With Big Machine Tim released 3 albums and was able to resurrect his career after court battles with his previous label Curb put it in jeopardy. The fact that at age 49 Tim McGraw continues to turn out not only hits but, some of the best music in the mainstream is nothing short of remarkable. Now while Tim’s career has been great over the last few years, Faith Hill’s has essentially gone nowhere. Hill’s last solo song on country radio was back in 2013 and her last solo number 1 hit was “Mississippi  Girl” a whopping 12 years ago. So in order to give Faith’s career a restart the husband and wife team both signed to Sony and announced a tour together as well as a duets album.

Personally, I would have much rather seen Tim continue his solo career since he has been releasing such quality material to country radio over the last few years. What we get on “Speak to a Girl” is essentially an adult contemporary pop song which is really the only music Faith Hill ever released anyway. The song appears to be a rebuttal of the way that the bro’s on country radio have portrayed interaction with women or at least that’s what I took from the song. It’s not necessarily a bad idea for a song as we have seen other artists do it and have success like Maddie and Tae for instance. But, this song is just a clunky weird song that I don’t see going all that far on country radio.

The opening line of the song is just absolutely ridiculous and I honestly am still not sure if I even know what it means. “She don’t give a damn ’bout your Benjamin Franklin’s, she wants Aretha.” What?! What the hell is aretha? I had to actually look up what that word was because I had no idea and I still am not even sure if that’s what the song is talking about. The definition that I found was beautiful and intelligent which is ironic because that lyric is stupid. I’m guessing it may have something to do with respect but again not sure. Do you honestly think that the casual mainstream fan is going to like that? The song goes on to talk about the way that a woman wants to be treated and how it is important to respect the women in your life including your mother which is a good message but far from original. The other big problem that I have with the song is the fact that there’s just not a whole lot there. The song only has a couple short verses and then the chorus so the song really has no time to breath.

There’s certainly much worse songs on the radio but this is not a great song. I don’t see how this jump starts whatever is left of Faith Hill’s career in a format that ignores women especially older women. The message isn’t bad but the delivery is horrible and the production is not country whatsoever.

Grade: C-

Writers: Joe Spargur, Dave Gibson, Shy Carter



  1. Meh. It’s not country but it’s okay. At least it’s nowhere near as godawful as Body Like a Back Road or God, Your Mama, and Me. But Tim can do much better as he’s already proved. I grew up with the music of Faith Hill, and she was one of my heroes when I was a kid. But unfortunately, I see her career remaining to go nowhere. All in all, this is a weird, forgettable song that won’t gain much traction at radio.

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    1. Yeah FGL and Sam Hunt don’t exactly set the bar high. I just don’t get this as the lead single which for Faith is super important. I’ve really never been a fan of hers Tim was on such a roll. I hope this doesn’t hurt his career


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