Chase Rice If I’m Bein’ honest Single Review

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After 2 consecutive failed singles on country radio Chase Rice has released If I’m Bein’ Honest. I don’t really want to go into detail about his last album Ignite the Night which was released in 2014 but lets just say it was mostly dreadful. There was however two songs that I found to be pretty good and very personal to Chase and they were “Carolina Can” and “Jack Daniels and Jesus.” I honestly believe that Chase actually does want to release more songs along those lines and perhaps less songs like “Whisper” and “Everybody We Know Does.” He even said as much when he basically wrote an apology letter for releasing the terrifyingly horrible “Whisper” which was intended to be a lead single.

What we get with “If I’m Bein’ honest” is actually a pretty decent song with a very simple production that doesn’t get in the way of the lyrics. This song although different in subject matter reminds me a lot of “Jack Daniels and Jesus” in the honesty and the scaled back production. When I first heard this song I immediately thought of the stupid Sam Hunt song “Drinkin’ Too Much” but after further listens I can appreciate this song. The idea is that since he screwed up a relationship that he was in, he is a wreck. He admits that since he f**ked things up he is completely lost and he doesn’t know where to go from here. He stays drunk and high all the time so that he can try and get over this girl but it doesn’t work. He even admits that he cares for this girl so much that he prays every night that she’s doing okay.

There’s actually a huge difference between this and Drinkin’ Too Much in the idea that this isn’t a crazy stalker song. Chase doesn’t write songs about this girl that destroy her life in the way that Sam Hunt openly admits to doing. This is just an honest take on a breakup that is destroying the guy. He may have screwed up the relationship however he isn’t doing any harm to the girl.

Chase Rice has shown glimpses of good songwriting and he certainly has the ability to write extremely personal and emotional songs. If Chase Rice is ever able to get another album out I hope that it contains more mature songs like this one. He’s better than Ignite the Night and we now have proof.

Grade: B+



  1. Holy shit, is this the same Chase Rice who released the all-around godawful Ignite the Night? Oh my, it’s like he’s done a 180 turn with his music. This actually isn’t half bad. Still leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s pretty damn good. Grade: 7/10

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    1. Like I said in the review he has songs in his discography that are like this song. He has the potential to release deep, personal stuff but he has overwhelmingly released lesser material thus far


  2. Wait what? He’s got a new song out? Wow…. talk about nobody caring, lol. This is pretty decent upon first listen. Definitely better than any of his singles. Then again, I have no doubts that several artists could be better if they $topped cha$ing after a certain $omething…

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  3. Jack Daniels and Jesus was okay, nothing really special. Maybe it’s just not my kind of music. It was a zillion times better than the rest of the album, but in my opinion, it’s decent at best. Carolina Can, meh. Maybe in the hands of someone more capable, it’d be okay. The rest of Ignite the Night and the following two singles (Ride and Whisper are particularly horrid. That cover for Whisper, eeeekkkkk. Crazy to think girls my age find him attractive. He’s scary-looking in the Whisper promo pics. Ride is just TMI.) are hot garbage, but this is a good song. He does decently when he tries.

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