Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris Craving You Single Review

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For Thomas Rhett’s newest single he shows real growth and maturity. Rhett heard the criticisms about his music over the last few years and decided to release a true country song with meaning. Bye, bye are the days of shallow pop songs where he drools over how hot his wife is. This song took a great deal of time to dissect as the lyrics are complex and intelligent.

NOPE! What this song in reality is is a continuation of the rubbish that was on Rhett’s last album Tangled Up. This is a straight up pop song that includes Maren Morris singing mostly background (she doesn’t have any solo lines). The song starts off with some heavy computerized drums before the guitar comes in reminding me a little of “Seein’ Red”. The lyrics make sure to be super generic and cliche dropping words like girl and comparing love to a drug (how original). All the song is about is how much Tommy boy craves his girl when she’s not around. He can’t be away from the girl even going as far as to say that his body is shaking when she isn’t around. That kind of reminds me a bit of “Sleep Without You” for the level of whipped that the guy is admitting to being.

The only semi-good thing on the song is Maren Morris who wasn’t even given any lines of her own. She sounds great on the song from what you can hear and belts out one of the final words nicely. This is just the same old Thomas Rhett and there’s no reason to expect anything different. I have no doubt this will be a huge hit on country radio and I could see this even being pushed as a crossover song as well. But sadly, the only thing that this song has me craving is a puke bucket.

Grade: a generous D-



  1. Completely agree!! Eh, I’m not surprised, considering the fact that Thomas Rhett recorded the worst song ever in country music history, South Side (just the mere thought of that trainwreck is cringeworthy) and the worst single ever in country music history, Vacation (*shudder*). There are two minor redemption points to Craving You: Maren Morris sounds amazing (I am a fan of hers. Hero wasn’t a country album by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a great pop record that never fails to put a smile on my face and gets me singing along every time.) and at least we didn’t get the audio diahrrea explosion that Thomas Rhett calls South Side as a single. But it’s still pretty damn bad.

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  2. If we called a spade a spade, moved this to pop and gave it to a better vocalist….eh, I could see me somewhat liking this as a guilty pleasure.

    As it is, it’s in the wrong format, and Thomas is a god awful vocalist. Not a Maren fan either, but she’s hardly on here anyway.

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