Sunday Morning Time Capsule

Image result for hank williams i can't help it if i'm still in love with you

Hello all! Welcome to the this week’s feature of Sunday Morning Time Capsule which is a weekly feature here at Critically Country. In this feature I do a throwback spotlight on a song, album or subject. I say spotlight instead of review because I won’t be giving grades for this feature just discussing the piece of work. Nostalgia can be a powerful thing so hopefully you all enjoy this piece as much as I do. I am happy to take requests for the Time Capsule if you have any so speak up if you do.

Last week on the Sunday Morning Time Capsule we went back to 2006 for Carrie Underwood’s single “Don’t Forget To Remember Me.” This week we go way back to 1951 for Hank Williams hit song “I Can’t Help it (If I’m Still In Love With You).” The song reached #2 on the Billboard country charts in 1951 only 2 years before Hank’s death in 1953. As I have tried to become more familiar with country music history, I have been listening to greatest hits albums from artists like Reba, George Strait and most recently Hank Williams.

The song begins with heavy pedal steel guitar and describes a man who can’t help but still be in love with his ex. One day when he is walking down the street he spots her with another man. His heart sinks when he sees her and he is reminded of the past that they shared together. It pains him to know that she has moved on and he misses her a great deal.


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