Community Writing Piece

Welcome to the third Community Writing Piece. For those of you that are new to the blog, this is a monthly piece where the readers of this blog submit writing of their own. Enjoy!

I Am the Executioner by Julian Spivey 
I am the executioner and I have to do my job
It’s not something that I love to, but without me it’s a mob
I don’t want to know the names, I hate to see the faces
Can’t think about their families, the ones who’d take their places
I don’t make the choices, but the punishment I carry out
Hopefully God will understand, though sometimes I have my doubts
They tell me there’s another scheduled in the spring
I will follow orders, my duty, if that phone don’t ring
Play the Hits by Julian Spivey 
Cut out the ruckus and get a little introspection
They’ll stab you in the back without further question
You’re not who they remember, You’re not who they want
You can’t mature, You can’t get deep
They’ll think it’s depression, They’ll think you’ve gotten weak
They just want to drink, dance and fight
They don’t care about your deepest, darkest secrets tonight
So pump up the bass and raise up your amp
These dumb sons of bitches think they are real fans

Thought You Should Know Poem by Alexander

You probably know, the way I feel

The pressure built and broke the seal

So here it is, thought you should know

I’ve been silent before but here I go

A Happiness I’ve never known

It’s more than beauty, you’re in my soul

So there it is, thought you should know

I understand if it’s just one way

No one ever feels the same

The off-the-cuff bro-satire By Robert

“Two Girls, One Truck”

Saturday night, and I think I’m in luck
Feelin’ all right – two girls, one truck.
Yeah, I’m feelin’ all right – two girls, one truck.

Two girls, one truck
A special kind of day,
The kind of day you never want to ever go away.
It’s Saturday night; I think I’m in luck.
Feelin’ all right – two girls, one truck.
Yeah, I’m feelin’ all right – two girls, one truck

One named Jenny, and one named Jane.
One real pretty, and one pretty plain.
I picked ’em up when I saw their car was stuck.
I’m feelin’ all right – two girls, one truck.
Yeah, I’m feeling mighty fine – two girls, one truck.

Jenny brought out some cuffs, and I thought “okay,”
But something hit me in the head, I think it was Jane.
I woke up the next morning, handcuffed by the road –
No girls, no truck, just another episode…
A PSA we were filming for a TV show.


Keep Your Mouth Shut (A Haiku) By Leon

He was sent to jail

Criticism is censured

Everything is great


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