Re-Charting The Chart

Every week we will take a look at the top 30 Mediabase Country Chart. We will re-rank the songs on the chart based on the quality and overall enjoyment of each song. Next to each song I will provide the ranking that we would give it and the actual ranking on the Mediabase chart in parenthesis (From America’s Music Charts). Songs that are in the color red are songs that are either recurrent or in danger of going recurrent soon, while blue is for songs that I predict will go to number 1 at some point. At the end of each ranking there will be some thoughts about the current chart as well as any news or updates that are deemed important. I hope everyone enjoys this weekly post and feel free to comment/agree/disagree with anything you see.

  1. Zac Brown Band “My Old Man” (19)  no change A
  2. Midland “Drinkin’ Problem” (17) no change A-
  3. Drake White “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” (28) no change B+
  4. Maren Morris “I Could Use a Love Song” (30) no change B+
  5. Old Dominion “No Such Thing As a Broken Heart” (21) no change B
  6. Brothers Osborne “It Ain’t My Fault” (23) down 1 B
  7. Darius Rucker “If I Told You” (5) up 2 B
  8. Dan and Shay “How Not To” (6) up 2 
  9. Luke Combs “Hurricane” (1) no change C
  10. Kip Moore “More Girls Like You” (25) no change C
  11. Brett Eldredge “Somethin’ I’m Good At” (26) up 1 C
  12. Justin Moore “Somebody Else Will” (20) no change C-
  13. Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill “Speak to a Girl” (20) no change C-
  14. Billy Currington “Do I Make You Wanna” (22) up 2 C-
  15. Blake Shelton “Every Time I Hear That Song” (9) up 1 C-
  16. Rascal Flatts “Yours If You Want It” (11) up 1 C-
  17. Brett Young “In Case You Didn’t Know” (2) no change C-
  18. Cole Swindell & Sellout “Flatliner” (16) down 2 D
  19. Dylan Scott “My Girl” (12) up 1 D
  20. Dustin Lynch “Small Town Boy” (27) up 4 D-
  21. LoTalent “Ring on Every Finger” (29) no change D-
  22. Thomas Rhett & Maren Morris  “Craving You”  (14) up 2 D- 
  23. Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood “The Fighter” (13) down 2 F
  24. Kelsea Ballerini “Yeah Boy” (10) down 6 F
  25. Dierks Bentley “Black” (3) up 2 F
  26. Lady Antebellum “You Look Good” (15) no change F
  27. Chris Lane “For Her” (24) down 1 F
  28. Brantley Gilbert “The Weekend” (7) down 1 F
  29. Florida Georgia Line & Another Boy Band “Boy Band’s Are Lit” (8) up 1 F
  30. Sam Hunt “Body Like a Backroad” (4) down 1 F

New To The Top 30: “I Could Use a Love Song.” This is a solid pop song from Maren Morris. A more mature dialed back song following 2 more uptempo/wild songs.

“Small Town Boy.” Instead of this maybe try listening to “Cowboys and Angels.” Believe it or not but 1 song into Dustin Lynch’ career he had a lot of promise. I just wonder when he’s going to ditch the cowboy hat like Chris Young did.

“Ring On Every Finger.” LoCash has no talent. What is it that they do well exactly? People criticize Cole Swindell but LoCash is significantly worse. They don’t sing well and the songs that they write are embarrassingly bad. “Keep in Mind” is their only song that I ever liked.

Songs That Left The Top 30: “Hometown Girl”

“Love Triangle”

“Bar At The End Of The World.” Kenny Chesney should mix it up with the next song and make it beach or alcohol themed.

Songs In Danger: “Yours If You Want It.” I stand by what I said. I think this is top 10 and done.

“Hurricane.” Luke Combs first #1 single is there 2 consecutive weeks.

“Yeah Boy.” Awe poor Kelsea not being gift wrapped a number 1 song for once. I feel for her, she’s a true artist.

“Body Like a Backroad.” Go to hell.



  1. “I just wonder when he’s going to ditch the cowboy hat like Chris Young did.”

    Ha! You know I never considered that. I think the time has to be coming. He certainly doesn’t deserve to wear one.

    For Locash, I think the charisma is ultimately what’s driving them forward. Their songs and vocals are terrible, but they’ve got energy, and as much as I hate to admit this, charisma and presence are two crucially underrated aspects of how stars get to be where they are. Look at Luke Bryan for example. Heck, look at FGL. As for guys like Aldean and Hunt? Eh, I got nothing.

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    1. It seems like they want to somewhat continue the farce that Dustin Lynch is a cowboy for now from a visual perspective. Nothing about his music is country though. I get what ur saying about LoCash but in regards to Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean I think they actually have talent even if their music isn’t great. I see no talent with LoCash.


  2. I actually really like I Could Use a Love Song. It’s not country, but it’s a very good song. 8/10

    Dustin Lynch is a sellout. Small Town Boy is just so generic it hurts. Cowboys and Angels and Your Daddy’s Boots are fantastic. She Wants a Cowboy, Hurricane, Your Plan, and American Prayer are okay. Last Lap wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I’d skip the rest though. 2/10

    LoCash. They are almost completely talentless. Aside from Best Seat in the House and Keep in Mind, they are a laughingstock for sure. Ring on Every Finger is awful. “Dropping f-bombs like forever”? Oh my god. 0/10


  3. As for Kelsea, I’m actually interested what her second album will be like. I could see some potential in her first, even though she’s pop, just like Maren. Problem is, she released the worst, most God-awful singles to country radio with “Dibs” and “Yeah Boy.” But “Peter Pan” was not bad at all, and even “Love me Like You Mean It” was a decent pop song. ON the album, she had “first Time,” which was good but insanely overproduced, and “Secondhand smoke,” which was good and dare I say, actually country pop. Also enjoyed “Stalettos” as a pop song. She released the absolute worst to radio, and from a business standpoint, yeah, that gave her hits. So I wonder if her second album will gravitate more toward the meaningless shit, or more toward the definite pop, but still worthwhile, like Maren. I could see it going either way.


  4. LoCash is one of my favorites. Their music makes me happy, just catchy feel good music to my ears. I have no shame and I will always defend them. I just love their music a lot.

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  5. Also why do you think Zac Brown Band and Brett Eldredge will hit the Top. Both their songs have been struggling for weeks now. Brett Eldredge will probably see a Top 15/10 finish while Zac Brown Band will probably be done by the end of June


    1. Just a prediction I could b wrong but I don’t see Brett going down without a fight since its a lead single. If Brett doesn’t jump a little by next week I will take away that prediction. When a big male star releases a lead single I always predict number 1 early until I’m proven otherwise. Zac Brown has already released their album so it’s possible the label may let it go but there’s not heavy competition behind them rn.


      1. The label are already testing for the second single for both artists album. Zac Brown Band have been at a crawl since April and Brett Eldredge has been nothing short of underwhelming so far


      2. “When a big male star releases a #1 single, I always predict #1 until I’m proven otherwise.”…the fact that this is not a bad philosophy explains a good chunk of what is wrong with mainstream radio, and I don’t just mean the lack of women. I mean the chart manipulation that will virtually guarantee such songs #1 status regardless.

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