Scotty Mccreery Five More Minutes Single Review

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Scotty Mccreery has always been someone I rooted for. Ever since I heard him sing “Your Man” on American Idol I have loved his voice. But voice is not enough for me to like someone’s music and with Scotty I have always been left wanting more. With his first couple albums I felt they were very juvenile and boring. When the lead single to his third album was released it was clear Mccreery was unhappy with the direction his label was making him go in. “Southern Belle” was a bad bro country type song and in interviews he had given about the song it was clear he wasn’t comfortable with it. After that single bombed at radio he was released from his record label Mercury and it was unclear what would be next for the now 23 year old. Well now with the new record label Scotty has released a new lead single to his third album and it’s exactly what I had hoped to hear from him since the beginning. “Five More Minutes” is a song about wanting just a little more time to do things and be with the people who you loved before it’s gone. Things like your first love, your last football game and seeing your grandfather one more time. It’s an idea that was actually done by Granger Smith on his most recent album and it goes by the same name. I consider both to be great songs and I don’t want to criticize anyone for stealing the idea because I really don’t have a clue. What I do know is that Scotty is back on the right track with “Five More Minutes” and hopefully it can have enough success at radio to warrant his third studio albums release.

Song Grade: 8.5/10 B+



  1. This is Scotty’s best single by a long shot. Like you said, he has a great voice, but he needs to find strong material to match. He’s an artist I want to root for, and I hope this single does well. I’m thinking a strong 7/10 for this. Good song.

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  2. When did Granger’s come out because scotty has been singing Five More Minutes at his concerts for two years n o w!


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