Well… What Do You Think?

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about new features that I can add to the blog that would be interesting and stimulate conversation. This is a new feature that I will do from time to time when idea’s for it pop into my head. Essentially, this feature will be me shortly describing something that I have been considering and asking that you the reader tell me what your thoughts are about it. So without further ado…

For the first piece with this feature I would like to talk about politics and music. Obviously, country music is no stranger to artists with strong political opinions both liberal and conservative. Recently, ESPN announced that it would be bringing back Hank Williams Jr. to be the voice of Monday Night Football after a hiatus following comments about former president Barrack Obama. The Dixie Chicks have basically been exiled from country radio after Natalie Maines criticized former President George W Bush. I can go on and on with examples but specific examples aren’t really the point of what I am going to ask. I am curious how much an artists politics affects your listening habits in regards to their music. Does it matter if it was simply a comment they made or if they are constantly outspoken like Charlie Daniels is? Do you do it subconsciously if you do or does it happen without you realizing?

I know that at times I have been guilty of this. As someone with very strong political views who has a real interest in politics I would be lying if I said it didn’t factor into the equation. For me personally though it’s not difference of opinion that drives me away from certain artists music it is the artists that are nasty about it and attempt to shove their beliefs down the throats of everyone else. Whether or not it matters that so many of us allow these things to affect our listening habits is worthy of discussion in my opinion.



  1. I really couldn’t care less for the most part, I listened to Dixie Chicks music and Toby Keith music if that tells you anything. As for the Chicks, I thought they crossed a line not in what they said, but in the fact it was said on foreign soil. Having said that, they didn’t deserve anything that happened to them, and it only made country look backward and close-minded for blacklisting them the way it did. It’s just another part of an artist’s persona that at the end of the day really doesn’t come into play in the music, with the exception of music where those politics are brought in. then it might come down to the song and what it’s saying, but that’s more about personal preference than being for or against the artist, if that makes sense.

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  2. Particularly in the last election cycle, I realized it does influence whether or not I am still drawn to their music. If an artist has a difference of opinion from me in politics, it is all well and good – we’re all entitled to our opinions. I know of many who do and yet I can still enjoy their music. Now when an artist is outspoken and downright rude on social media to elected officials (either side of aisle) or the fans who have a different perspective, then that is where I draw the line. There is one artist that comes to mind and I just cannot enjoy that person the way I used to after reading the posts.

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