The Mainstream Report

Welcome to the newest weekly feature at Critically Country called The Mainstream Report. This may take the place of Re-Charting The Chart and I would love to hear your opinions of which you like better. This will be the test week. Below you can find my ranking of the top 30 with some news from this week. Find the full Mediabase Chart here.

Number 1: “God, Your Mama and Me” -Florida Georgia Line Ft Backstreet Boys

Most Added: “When Someone Stops Loving You” -Little Big Town

Biggest Movers: “All The Pretty Girls” -Kenny Chesney up 6, “If I Told You” -Darius Rucker down 7

New To The Top 30: “All The Pretty Girls” -Kenny Chesney

Next Number 1: Some milquetoast Blake Shelton song

A Texas Citing: Not top 30 but Aaron Watson and his fiddles come in at number 37!

Chart Discussion: I find it very strange that Darius Rucker’s lead single hit number 1 and there is still not even a title for his album. This song took a long time getting to number 1 (nearly a year) so it seems risky to release another single before the album. Florida Georgia Line scored another number 1 single with the Backstreet Boys proving yet again that country radio has no standards at all. Little Big Town follow up their flop “Happy People” with Jimi Westbrook taking the lead vocals. Midland slides into number 11 which is awesome but William Michael Morgan continues to struggle with “Missing” still only at 36.



  1. This is a really cool feature!! I also agree that it is really quite sad that the Backstreet Boys now have a number one song on country radio, when WMM continues to struggle. It should be the other way around.

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