Sunday Morning Time Capsule

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Like so many in the country music community I was incredibly sad to hear of the passing of Troy Gentry who was one half of the duo Montgomery Gentry. Now this isn’t going to be an obituary or a sad post but I just wanted to share how Troy and Montgomery Gentry as a whole affected me. As a child growing up in New Jersey I wasn’t exposed very much to country music in fact there wasn’t a country radio station in our market (New York) until I was 17. I remember two songs in particular that I heard on a car ride with my father when I was 11 after visiting family that made me want to discover more music from the country genre. Those songs were “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” (Brooks and Dunn with Reba) and “My Town” by Montgomery Gentry. I remember telling my best friend at the time about the incredible song that I heard on the radio and how he should listen to it as well. This was my first real exposure to country music, a genre that I never had given a chance up until that point in my life. Discovering this song and country music in general has been to me at least one of the most important parts of my life and has lead to me discovering other genres I love including Bluegrass and Americana. Thank you Troy Gentry.


First Impressions

Hello everyone! It’s been quite awhile since I wrote anything for this blog but if after all this time your reading this I do appreciate it. There were some things going on in my life this summer that didn’t allow me to write consistently which is why a stepped away for a few months. I hope to be able to write a few posts a week from here on out and this is the new feature that I thought I would start with. First impressions is going to be basically a short reaction to recent song releases. It will be a way of learning about new stuff that was released as well as getting a brief summary of whether or not it’s worth your time. I will have only listened to the songs one time before writing my thoughts so my opinions could absolutely change with time. Hope you enjoy and thanks for coming back!

“Lions” Chase Rice: An extremely weird song that would sound more at home on an alternative rock album. Not horrible I guess but certainly not country.

“I’ll Name The Dogs” Blake Shelton: The new Blake Shelton song isn’t horrible and I can tell what genre it is! Just drop the moronic oohs and aahs.

“Who’s Your Farmer” Chris Janson: Generic, pandering, bullshit. Remember “Holdin’ Her?”

“I Wish You Were Beer” Dustin Lynch: Listen to Adele’s song “Send My Love” and tell me this doesn’t sound like a ripoff of that. The song is garbage.

“Better to My Baby” Whitney Rose: If you like real country music look no further than Whitney Rose. Another great song from the Canadian born artist.

“A Little Pain” Margo Price: In a just world this would be a hit on the radio. A song with decent tempo and something to say… Oh by the way it’s classic country.

“Sleepin’ With The Reaper” The Grascals: Review coming soon but I couldn’t wait. Possibly my favorite song of 2017 any genre.