2018 Plans

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Hello everyone, hope you are having a good new year! I am getting back into the swing of things and wanted to share some of my plans for this blog in 2018. There were things that I liked from 2017 and things that I did not. It was my first year running a blog so, some experimentation was necessary.

Community Writing Piece

One of the things that I really enjoyed was the community writing piece. For those of you that are new to the blog, the community writing piece was an opportunity for you the readers to submit your own writing. Whether it was a song, poem or story, you could submit it in the comment section or via email and your writing will be shared in a collective piece. Other readers will get a chance to read your piece/s and comment on the work. I personally feel this was the coolest, most unique feature that this blog had from last year. We read so much about other peoples art over the course of the year and don’t get an opportunity to share our own work. I would like to do this at least once a month and this month I will set a deadline of Friday January 19th to be included in the January piece. Depending on how many submissions I get will determine how often I publish these. The email is criticallycountry@gmail.com

 Spotlighting Artists/Songs

This is a new idea that I had in which I will spotlight an artist or song that is not getting a lot of attention. It will be an opportunity to learn about music that isn’t getting the coverage it deserves. This will also include interviews and music shared to me through PR professionals that I feel is deserving.

Ranking the Top 30 Mediabase Songs

This is a continuation of Re-Charting The Chart. The name was clumsy but I like the idea which is ranking the top 30 songs on the Country Mediabase Chart in order of quality.


Finally, in general I would like to be more consistent with this blog in 2018. There were periods in 2017 where I was unable to really commit to this blog and I want that to change in the new year. I want to continue to have great conversations with all of you whether we agree or disagree. The community is why I enjoy doing this and I thank all of you that contribute to the conversation. If you have any suggestions or comments always feel free to share them.


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