Shoot Me Straight: Brothers Osborne Single Review

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“A fun lead single that could be 4 minutes shorter” 6/10

It’s hard not to root for the Brothers Osborne. For the last two years they have been duo of the year at the CMA’s and ACM’s, dethroning the insufferable Florida Georgia Line.

Although not particularly country, the duo represents quality and uniqueness in the mainstream and a great alternative to most of what is on country radio.

With their new lead single I am left questioning some choices that were made. The most obvious question is why the song needs to be nearly 7 minutes long.

The song essentially ends at the 2:30 mark before we get the over 4 minute long guitar solo. This would be fine for a non single album cut or during a live show but for a single it is ridiculous.

In fact, after hearing the song 5 times now I find myself skipping to the next song after the 2:30 mark because the guitar solo is not that interesting. I don’t believe it enhances the song whatsoever.

Lyrically the song is fine with the great line “Lay my 6 foot 4 inch ass out on the ground” but thematically it’s nothing groundbreaking.

Overall I like the song but there are some real problems that I have with it specifically the ridiculous guitar solo. It’s a fun lead single that could be 4 minutes shorter.

I have seen people say that this song can’t do well on radio which I don’t understand considering the radio edit should be under 3 minutes long, it’s uptempo and radio has been fairly receptive of the duo.

I look forward to hearing this song within the context of a full album.

Writers: John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Lee Thomas Miller


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