Cole Swindell Break Up in the End Single Review

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This is a great song and easily Swindell’s best song…8.5/10

Cole Swindell has a new single out today and you should listen to it.

Many of the readers of this blog and independent blogs like it aren’t a fan of Swindell. He has released some bad songs in his career and even the good songs are too pop leaning for most people.

“Break Up in the End” certainly doesn’t wash away past sins however it’s impossible for me to deny that this is a great song and easily Swindell’s best song. No overdone pop production, no silly rhymes or references.

This is a sad, mature country track about a man still reeling from a breakup. He replays over and over again in his mind the times that they had together. Even though he feels horrible right now, he wouldn’t trade the time that he had with this girl even though he knows they would break up in the end.

The song has good imagery taking you to the different places and experiences that the two of them had. Lines like, “I’ll introduce you to my mom and dad. Say I think I love her when you leave that room. I’d still not take their advice when I say you’re moving in. Even though we break up in the end.”

Kudos to Cole Swindell for releasing this as a single and a lead single no less. Regardless of how you feel about him, it’s clear that he is trying to release better, more mature music. His last album You Should be Here was better than his debut and hopefully this next album is better than his sophomore album.


Kacey Musgraves Has Returned With Two New Songs

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Kacey Musgraves has released two new songs titled “Space Cowboy” and “Butterflies” which will be a part of her new album Golden Hour set to be released on March 30th.┬áMusgraves indicated back in October of last year that she was in the studio recording new music for her third studio album.

The new songs appear to indicate a shift in sound for Musgraves after her first two albums were mostly traditional leaning. These tracks lean more pop than anything that she has previously released although you still have country instrumentation.

“Space Cowboy” is a trippy sounding pop country song that describes the ending of a relationship. She doesn’t want the two of them to be trapped in a relationship that is obviously over. “When a horse wants to run there ain’t no sense in closing the gate. You can have your space, cowboy.”

“Butterflies” is the opposite of “Space Cowboy” thematically as it is an upbeat love song. We didn’t get to hear a lot of love songs on Musgraves’ previous two albums so that is another change for this album possibly. She talks about what it was like before she fell in love and how this man gives her butterflies. It’s a pretty simple, straight forward pop country love song.

If I had to pick one of the two I would pick “Space Cowboy” as my favorite however they are both fine songs. If I am being honest I do hope that Musgraves has at least some traditional leaning tracks on Golden Hour. She is one of my favorite artists in country music and I am very much looking forward to her first new album since June of 2015.


Track Listing for Golden Hour out March 30th

  1. “Slow Burn”
  2. “Lonely Weekend”
  3. “Butterflies”
  4. “Oh, What a World”
  5. “Mother”
  6. “Love Is a Wild Thing”
  7. “Space Cowboy”
  8. “Happy & Sad”
  9. “Velvet Elvis”
  10. “Wonder Woman”
  11. “High Horse”
  12. “Golden Hour”
  13. “Rainbow”


Community Writing Piece

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It has certainly been awhile since this feature has been done. For those of you that are new to the blog or don’t remember, this feature includes writing submissions from the readers. It could include poetry, a short story or a song. Thanks to everyone who submitted this month and I look forward to continuing to do this every month.

A Haiku by Zack from the Musical Divide

New year of music

Please bring something good for all

So that joy can come


A poem written by Julian Spivey, Where Have All The Protest Songs Gone

You can sing about flowers & rainbows but one day they’ll be gone
You can sing about love & halos
But someday you might find you were wrong
You can sing about pick up trucks & back roads
But that’s been way over-done
Why not sing about something that matters, where have all the protest songs gone

Men and women are still dying for political greed
Cops treat the law differently based on color they see
And you can be any religion as long as its Christianity
There are more people dying than marching in the streets

But let’s stick to happy, sappy love songs people love to sing
Sing heartbreaks, mistakes, bad breaks & mixed drinks
Mad love and bad blood too
Or just pay a DJ millions to spin a sick groove
We don’t even realize what we’re about to lose


A Poem written by Marc, In The Cave I Reside

It’s so cold and dark in this cave I reside

No light gets through, isolation and solitude is all that I have

One more time I’ve tried but there will not be another

The older I get the more I discover

No light will get through this cold, dark cave

But the pain will not win if this fate is accepted

Just learn to live in this cold, dark, place the best that I can


Another Poem by Marc, Hope

I believe there’s a chance

Even if it’s just hope, for now it’s enough

The belief that it will get better gets me through

A career, a life, a home far from this house

Somebody to love through the highs and the lows

It’s not a given, but I believe there’s a chance

As long as there’s hope, all is not lost



Country by the Numbers

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Country by the Numbers is a feature where I use numbers to talk about what is going on in country music.

10: Years ago that Taylor Swift’s debut album was number one on the country charts.

61: Months since Gary Allan released a new album. Since his last album Every Storm, Allan has released 3 singles that gained no traction on country radio delaying any new music indefinitely.

29: Station adds last week for the new On The Verge pick Morgan Evans and his song “Kiss Somebody.”

39: The peak chart position of Dustin Lynch’s single “I’d be Jealous Too” which has now gone recurrent. Yes!

9: Consecutive Texas Country Radio number 1 hits for traditionalist Josh Ward.

Wade Bowen Solid Ground Album Review

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A solid country album from a solid and respected artist…8/10

When certain artists release a new album it can be understood before one song is heard that it is going to be solid art. Maybe it won’t be your favorite album and there may be songs that you don’t even like but you can respect it and appreciate it as a solid piece of art. That is what we have here with Wade Bowen’s newest album Solid Ground which is a fitting name for this album.

A great way to discuss this Solid Ground is to talk about theme. The overarching theme here is the past, ending, a period or part of your life that you cannot and will not ever get back.

The lead single “So Long 6th Street” happens to be my favorite song on the album. It is simple and portrays the theme of the past that was discussed earlier. The realization that this is the end of a relationship and the end of what was once his home.

We have the one Tex-Mex inspired track “Day of the Dead” which has a good, smooth tempo and explores the theme of death. Although this is a good song I am glad that the rumors were not true and that this Tex-Mex style was not present throughout most of the album like we got with Aaron Watson’s last album.

“Death Dyin’ and Deviled Eggs” is another song where death is a main theme. This track does a great job of putting you in the story and allowing you to see everything that is happening with tremendous imagery.

The album gets lighthearted if only for a moment with the love song “Compass Rose” which has a pleasant, upbeat production.

I love the harmonica play in “Fell in Love on Whiskey” and although it’s not the most substantive track on the album it is fun and the most uptempo track on the record.

The final track on the album is not a song that I would call myself a fan of for a couple of reasons. The first reason is completely subjective but, I am not a fan of a song that goes on for nearly 8 minutes. Maybe it’s just a me problem but I do not enjoy listening to songs that go way beyond the necessary storytelling length. My other problem with the song is the production. It sounds like what you would hear on the most recent Dalton Domino album which to me is overproduction.

The song “Anchor” is another standout where a man is questioning whether or not his marriage is over. The fire that was once present is now all but gone and he wonders if the vows that him and his wife took are the only thing keeping her around. It feels as though they are only together because it’s safe and they are comfortable.

At the end of the day, any critiques or problems with this album that exist do not outweigh the positives. Not by a long shot. This is a solid country album from a solid and respected artist. Is it going to be my favorite album of 2018? Honestly, probably not but I can say that this is an album that deserves to be heard.

Ranking The Country Chart

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  1. Broken Halos: Chris Stapleton 9/10
  2. Boy: Lee Brice 8/10
  3. Five More Minutes: Scotty Mccreery 8/10
  4. Make a Little: Midland 7/10
  5. Woman Amen: Dierks Bentley 7/10
  6. Marry Me: Thomas Rhett 7/10
  7. Get to You: Michael Ray 7/10
  8. The Long Way: Brett Eldredge 7/10
  9. Most People Are Good: Luke Bryan 7/10
  10. You Make it Easy: Jason Aldean 7/10
  11. Heaven: Kane Brown 6/10
  12. She’s With Me: High Valley 5/10
  13. Girl Like You: Easton Corbin 5/10
  14. Yours: Russell Dickerson 5/10
  15. For the First Time: Darius Rucker 5/10
  16. Criminal: Lindsey Ell 4/10
  17. Female: Keith Urban 4/10
  18. The Rest of Our Lives: Tim Mcgraw/Faith Hill 3/10
  19. Legends: Kelsea Ballerini 3/10
  20. The One’s That Like Me: Brantley Gilbert 2/10
  21. Happens Like That: Granger Smith 2/10
  22. Singles You Up: Jordan Davis 2/10
  23. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright: David Lee Murphy/Kenny Chesney 2/10
  24. Written in the Sand: Old Dominion 2/10
  25. All on Me: Devin Dawson 2/10
  26. Losing Sleep: Chris Young 1/10
  27. Take Back Home Girl: Chris Lane/Tori Kelly 1/10
  28. Up Down: Morgan Wallen/Florida Georgia Line 0/10
  29. Meant to Be: Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line 0/10
  30. You Broke Up With Me: 37 year old with 7 Kids 0/10

Grade: 42% F (127/300)

New to the Top 30: Criminal: Lindsey Ell


Country by the Numbers

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Country by the Numbers is a new weekly feature where I will use numbers to talk about what is going on in country music.

77: Number of adds that Ashley McBryde’s current single has gotten including 14 this week!

9: Chris Young scored his 9th number one hit last week with his single “Losin’ Sleep”

5: The number of times Daryle Singletary entered the top 40 on the country charts in the 90’s. The beloved Honky Tonk star passed away on Monday at the age of 46.

26: Years since anyone has occupied the top 3 positions on Billboards country albums chart at once. Chris Stapleton is the first person to do this since Garth Brooks in 1992.

1: The number of solo women on Spotify’s Hot Country playlist.