Single Review/Rant: Dylan Scott – Hooked

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Best case scenario after listening to this song is minimal vomiting but there will be some vomiting… 0/10

Dylan Scott represents the absolute worst that country radio has to offer. He represents a man who is willing do anything to be famous or relevant regardless of what he has to do or what sacred institutions he has to destroy to get there. This is a guy who will chase any trend with a similar career path to Chris Lane another fellow trend chaser.

Dylan Scott began his career trying to chase the bro country trend just like Chris Lane did. Unfortunately for them, this trend chasing did not earn them a hit on country radio. Dylan Scott’s embarrassing bro country moment was a song titled “Mmm Mmm Mmm.” This is the chorus to that train wreck, “Mmm, mmm, mmm, Mmm, mmm, mmm
When she’s loving me like this all I can say is Mmm, mmm, mmm Huh, huh, uh.”

Can even the staunchest Dylan Scott supporter or Dylan Scott himself honestly say that that is even a semi-intelligent piece of work? Seriously I would love to hear any fan boy try and defend this bullshit.

Oh and remember when Dylan Scott released a cover of a Justin Bieber song and an Ed Sheeran song? And remember when he brought Chewbaca’s mom on stage at the Grand Ole Opry?

His big break came with the single “My Girl” which name drops Eminem because of course it does. It was a dreadful, pandering pop song. But, I’m sure it would get better with his next single right? What if I told you it would get worse?

“Hooked” is a clumsy, poorly written song that attempts to “hook” country radio listeners. And honestly it’s exactly what country radio is looking for, a short, simple pop song by a young male singer. That’s basically all that is played on country radio in 2018 and the dumber the lyrics the better.

Dylan Scott is seriously awful. There is no redeeming quality about Dylan Scott or his music. Hooked is a lazy, bad pop song that if you have the misfortune of hearing while behind the wheel, it may cause you to crash your car as you begin convulsing. Best case scenario after listening to this song is minimal vomiting but there will be some vomiting.


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