Single Review: Mipso – People Change


Grade: 9/10

Mipso is the best Americana band you’ve never heard of.

I first stumbled upon Mipso’s music last year when I reviewed some of their music for the first time. Mipso blends sounds of folk, country, gospel, Americana and bluegrass in their music.

Their new lead single is a song from their upcoming album Edges Run titled “People Change.” The song is about the past, present and future following the end of a relationship.

The narrator used to love someone “like the world would end” and “like a child” but that is no longer the case. He remembers the moment when the two of them realized that it was over and they just sat and cried.

He wonders if years from now she will call him and reminisce about the time that they were both in love.

The song plays off of the old idea that people are incapable of changing. When people walk away and move on, they do change with time. It’s an incredibly sad song in tone even though it appears the narrator has moved on, even if he still thinks about their relationship.

The production here like all Mipso songs is very simple and dialed back. You won’t hear any machines or computers from this mostly acoustic band.

Mipso’s new album Edges Run will be out on April 6th.


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