Single Review: Travis Denning – David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs


Grade: 7.5/10

I first came across this song a few weeks ago on Twitter. I had seen that it would be the debut single for a new artist named Travis Denning. I like many other people I’m sure rolled their eyes when they saw the ridiculously long name of the song.

Since it was a mainstream debut single I assumed the worst but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the song and the storytelling.

“David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” is about a high school kid that purchases a fake ID from a senior in the parking lot. He studied the fake ID in order to memorize facts about this guy he was pretending to be until he worked up the nerve to purchase a case of beer.

He goes on to tell the story about who he became as a result of the fake identity like how it made him popular with the ladies and made him friends at the liquor store.

It’s a solid pop country debut single from Travis Denning. It’s catchy and it has a story line even if it’s still a little short. I’ll be interested to hear more from Denning which I would expect since the song has done well thus far on the radio.


Written by Travis Denning, Jon Randall and Jessi Alexander

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