Why a New Bluegrass Group is Causing an Uproar

Bluegrass upstart the Settle Down Boys are causing a massive uproar in the world of bluegrass.

Their debut album Settlin’ Down contains zero songs about ramblin’ and people have taken notice.

“It’s disgusting,” said legendary bluegrass artist Del McCoury. “That’s not bluegrass. Not where I’m from.”

After researching and listening to every bluegrass song ever made, it appears that every single one had some reference to ramblin’. The Settle Down Boys aren’t simply a modern bluegrass band, they are the biggest threat to bluegrass music the genre has ever seen.

During a radio tour, lead singer Doyle Vincent Skaggs was pressed about why he was so callous in destroying the great history and tradition of bluegrass, “We just thought we would do something a little different for this record. Not every song has to be about ramblin’.”

Those comments went “bluegrass viral” with over 50 people expressing significant outrage and disgust.

It is unclear whether or not the Settle Down Boys have a future in bluegrass, but if they gain any traction at all lord help us all.

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