Single Review: Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty

Who know’s just how far in the pop direction Underwood’s next album will go but, this is a good lead single…7/10

Carrie Underwood has released her first single to country radio since “Dirty Laundry” back in 2016.

Of course, Carrie Underwood has been a part of other songs that have been released including the dreadful pop song “The Fighter” with Keith Urban and another dreadful pop song featuring Ludacris called “The Champion.”

Only “The Fighter” was released as a radio single as “The Champion” was recorded for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Since Underwood’s last album Storyteller, she has switched record labels from Artista Nashville to UMG with UMG stating that they want to turn Underwood into a global superstar.

When looking at the trends of Underwood’s music and the record label switch it seemed all but certain that she would be taking her career in a full on pop direction. And maybe that will ultimately be the case with her new album but it’s too early to say after listening to her new single “Cry Pretty.”

“Cry Pretty” is far from the most country song you will hear and is still a long way from Underwood’s early music. However, this is a pretty good song with a loud, energetic sound that you would expect from a lead single.

The song which was co-written by Underwood, is partially a response to the fall that she took at her home in November. She had to get surgery on her wrist and 40 stitches were needed on her face.

The song describes how a person can hide their emotions and pretend they are okay but, they can’t hide tears. You can’t cover it up with makeup or mascara so just let it out because you can’t “cry pretty.”

There’s a faint steel guitar in the background of the vulnerable arena rock driven track.  We have seen the mainstream recently take a turn for the better with more mature/country songs and you can add this to the mix.

A criticism that I would have with this song is something I feel like I am saying constantly with mainstream songs and that is that the song is rather general. In other words it lacks specifics or a story even if it has a message.

Underwood’s radio singles lately have all blended together as angry, murder songs so I’m glad we get a change here. We still have the empowering Carrie Underwood sound but with a much needed change of theme.

Who know’s just how far in the pop direction Underwood’s next album will go but, this is a good lead single.

Writers: Carrie Underwood, Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose, Lori McKenna

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