EP Review: Don’t Blame It on Me – Kimberly Kelly

Grade: Recommend Best Songs: “Some Things Have a Name,” “First Fool in Line”

“If you like traditional country music, give this a try.”

2018 has been full of great releases from artists that were not on my radar going into the year. With the rise of music streaming, music blogs and Twitter, it has never been easier to stumble upon new artists.

Scrolling through Twitter a couple of weeks ago, I came across a tweet from country artist Brandy Clark that had mentioned that this was a great EP for traditional country fans so I gave it a listen and I’m glad that I did.

This collection of songs very much feels like a 90’s early 2000’s sound, with plenty of steel guitar and fiddle starting with “Prayer and a Six Pack,” which is a song about the stage she is in following a breakup. She hasn’t completely moved on but she is closer to over him than praying for him to come back.

Another breakup song on the EP that shines is “First Fool in Line.” The narrator knows that she shouldn’t still love her ex after the way that the relationship ended but she knows that if he gets lonely and calls her, she will go back to him. Her heart doesn’t want to remember the bad times and only wants to recall the times when she was happy, in love.

Perhaps the best song on the EP is “Some Things Have a Name,” which reminds me of Ashton Sheppard’s song “Look It Up,” from 2011. The narrators ex cheated on her with another woman and she is never going to take him back.

EP’s tend not to get the attention that they should even if the songs are deserving of attention. With all the music that is out there it would be easy to dismiss another EP but you would certainly be missing out. If you like traditional country music, give this a try.

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