Hello, and welcome to Critically Country.  I come from a part of the country (Northern Jersey) where country music just is not as popular as it is across the rest of the country. I do not really have anyone to discuss my opinions about country music with and believe me I have a ton of opinions! Therefore, I thought it would be a cool idea to create my own blog where I could share my thoughts and opinions on music, specifically country, folk, bluegrass and Americana. I was inspired to create this blog by other independent bloggers who have opened my mind to music that I would have never found without them. Their passion and creativity have inspired me to attempt to create my own site. My goal with this blog is that it continues to grow and that this can become a community of people who share their opinions on the music that we love/hate. I will review ep’s from time to time and if an artist would like their music to be covered here you can contact me at criticallycountry@gmail.com or on Twitter @countrycritics.