Shoot Me Straight: Brothers Osborne Single Review

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“A fun lead single that could be 4 minutes shorter” 6/10

It’s hard not to root for the Brothers Osborne. For the last two years they have been duo of the year at the CMA’s and ACM’s, dethroning the insufferable Florida Georgia Line.

Although not particularly country, the duo represents quality and uniqueness in the mainstream and a great alternative to most of what is on country radio.

With their new lead single I am left questioning some choices that were made. The most obvious question is why the song needs to be nearly 7 minutes long.

The song essentially ends at the 2:30 mark before we get the over 4 minute long guitar solo. This would be fine for a non single album cut or during a live show but for a single it is ridiculous.

In fact, after hearing the song 5 times now I find myself skipping to the next song after the 2:30 mark because the guitar solo is not that interesting. I don’t believe it enhances the song whatsoever.

Lyrically the song is fine with the great line “Lay my 6 foot 4 inch ass out on the ground” but thematically it’s nothing groundbreaking.

Overall I like the song but there are some real problems that I have with it specifically the ridiculous guitar solo. It’s a fun lead single that could be 4 minutes shorter.

I have seen people say that this song can’t do well on radio which I don’t understand considering the radio edit should be under 3 minutes long, it’s uptempo and radio has been fairly receptive of the duo.

I look forward to hearing this song within the context of a full album.

Writers: John Osborne, TJ Osborne and Lee Thomas Miller


Country Newcomer Brett Young’s Music is Literally Curing People


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The quotes below are all part of my interview with Dr Reginald Spears of Nashville State Tech

I have criticized Brett Young’s music from time to time until I learned just how important Brett Young and some of Brett’s peers are in the quest to cure insomnia. For those of you that don’t know, insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects about 60 million American’s. Doctors and researchers at Nashville State Tech have been working tirelessly for the past 3 years in order to find a cure for the sleep disorder. “Pills are only so effective” said world renowned sleep doctor Reginald Spears. “We wanted to come up with something that would cure the disorder. Little did we realize that the cure was right under our noses here in Nashville.”

And that’s where Brett Young’s music comes in. One day during a lunch break Spears and his team of researcher’s were listening to the local country station Snapback FM when all of a sudden everyone within earshot of the radio had passed out only to awake 8 hours later. “We didn’t understand what the hell happened. How do 27 people all pass out at the same time and awake basically 8 hours later?” Spears and his team would have dismissed this strange event if it had not become a regular occurrence. Every time certain artists music would come on the radio it would happen. “It was especially bad when this guy Brett Young’s music would play. We decided to test out his music on patients after we realized what was happening to us.”

The researcher’s realized quickly however that it was crucial to not over expose their subjects to too much of Brett Young’s music. “One patient was in a coma for 6 months. The music didn’t simply make him sleep, it put him in a coma.” The coma was induced after the 4th song was played. “We realized the key to treating our patients was not simply to play music from artists like Brett Young. We had to be careful of the dosages that we were giving them.”

Over time the team decided to test other artists music in order to see if there would be weaker or stronger results. “When we tested Blake Shelton’s music the results were extremely promising but when we tested Florida Georgia Line and Sam Hunt songs the subjects and researchers began to get belligerent. This proved our hypothesis that you cannot simply prescribe any mainstream artists music and expect the same results.”

What is so exciting about this research is that it has been so successful in curing insomnia that the FDA is fast tracking the approval. “One day in the not to distant future, you will go to your doctor with your sleep troubles and he will simply write you a prescription to listen to a specific mainstream country artist or a mix of a couple and you will be able to sleep.” On the bottle it is very clear that you cannot listen to Brett Young and drive at the same time. The effects of his music can be dangerous if not consumed under the supervision of a trained sleep doctor.

I would like to than Dr Spears for participating in this interview and for being the doctor that cured insomnia! So many people across the world are grateful for the work you and your team of researchers have done.


Old Dominion No Such Thing As a Broken Heart Single Review

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Old Dominion is an interesting cast of characters. The band is made up of talented songwriters who had written hit songs for a variety of artists including Dierks Bentley, Craig Morgan and The Band Perry among others. Those hits songs were no slouches either they were pretty good songs. Unfortunately, when it came time for the band to release their own material it was… well lets just say it was embarrassing. Meat and Candy, Old Dominions first album was full of songs that could have been written by an 8 year old including a song actually called “Said Nobody.” The bands first two radio singles were not particularly good but, they showed with their final single from Meat and Candy “Song For Another Time” that perhaps they were looking to turn a corner and that they wanted to record more substantive material.

Now before you even listen to this song you have to come to terms with the fact that musically Old Dominion is what they are. They aren’t a traditional country band by any real stretch but, their new single is actually pretty good. “No Such Thing As a Broken Heart” is Old Dominions best song by a mile. The song is mature, catchy and has a great overall message. There are things in life that we would like to control but we cannot. You have to live your life free and enjoy it and you have to love even though you know there’s a possibility it may break your heart. Ramsay the bands lead singer even invokes his mom and dad in the song describing their incredible marriage. A possible negative about the song for some people is going to be the electronic clapping sound that you will also find on High Valley’s new single “She’s With Me.” On this song in particular however it doesn’t really bother me because it’s not overbearing and obnoxious like “She’s With Me” can be.

We are starting to see the goofy partying bands and artists make a pivot in the last year. Florida Georgia Line, Dan and Shay and now Old Dominion are all at least trying somewhat to make more mature and substantive music. In the case of the last 2 they actually succeed in this while Florida Georgia Line is doing a stadium tour with The Backstreet Boys and Nelly but, I digress.

This is a really nice lead single for Old Dominion and it makes me at least interested in hearing their sophomore album. If the rest of the album is like this song it will certainly have my approval.

Writers: Old Dominion and Jesse Frasure

Grade: B


The Best of The Worst March Madness Country Edition

As promised I will be doing a March Madness feature for the blog. You guys will get to vote in a March Madness style format with singles going against each other.  I thought for awhile about what would be the criteria used in order to be eligible so I came up with this. You will get to vote on what you deem to be the best single from the artists that are viewed as the worst offenders in country music right now. I will give 2 possible choices for each artist in the first bout of voting. Then once it is narrowed down to one song for each artist, those songs will face off against each other based on seed and you will get to vote on who advances to the next round. There will be 32 songs to begin. Eventually we will get a winner who will be crowned the best of the worst, song. I came up with this idea because a lot of these artists who are currently putting out bad or boring music have had songs or even albums of great songs from years ago. This shows what they are capable of if they only tried. For some artists like Dustin Lynch it was difficult to come up with 2 good singles so please excuse “Where It’s at.” We will get to go back into the vault a little bit and listen to these artists when they still put out good country music. Enjoy!… and Vote!

Field Of 32



Keep Biting The Hand That Feeds You

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A few weeks ago I started thinking about the idea of legacies. Specifically, I was thinking about legacies of older Country singers and wondering why older artists who have already made all the money in the world don’t go into legacy mode at the end of their careers. What got me thinking about this was actually Rascal Flatts. Rascal Flatts, who has basically been around my entire life has certainly released their share of bad songs even though they also have a number of songs that I enjoy. So I was thinking if Rascal Flatts is practically done being relevant on the radio and they have made more money than god why not go into legacy mode? Why not make the best music of their careers right now and forget the boring pop stuff? I sat on this idea for a couple of weeks before I realized actually how bad of an idea that was. It’s not a bad idea for Rascal Flatts to start making better music but, the bad idea would be for Rascal Flatts after two decades to drastically change who they are and what their hardcore fans love. An artists legacy basically is what it is after two decades of making music. The people that never liked Rascal Flatts aren’t going to ever like them no matter what kind of music they make so why bother catering to them? Not to mention the fact that it would seem disingenuous if a band as old as Rascal Flatts all of a sudden started playing traditional country.

But, not all artists have gone the route of staying true to what they have always been. Some artists have chosen to turn their back on the fans and the music that have gotten them this far. Just some names I will throw at you right now are Dierks Bentley, The Band Perry and Garth Brooks. In regards to Dierks Bentley, he was one of the good guys in the mainstream for so long. Sure, he had his pandering radio singles but, for the most part he put out solid, respectable country music. Hell Dierks even did a bluegrass album Up On The Ridge that I still listen to to this day and I have a great deal of respect for Dierks for even doing that. When Dierks Bentley in 2016 released the lead single to his album Black I think that most of us chalked it up as an awful song but understood that that’s the game Dierks plays with radio. He gives them a garbage song and in return he gets to release the album that he wants with better singles to come. However, this time after the bad single came another one and another one and an album full of horrid pop music that erased practically all of the good will the traditional country fans had for Dierks. He turned his back on his fans and the music that made him into a B level star. That wasn’t enough though Dierks was it? You wanted to be like your booty shaking compadre Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line.

Then we have the freak show that is The Band Perry. I’ll be perfectly honest, I never was much of a fan of The Band Perry’s music as a country band. But, at least I could respect their music even if it wasn’t my kind of thing. Their fans had grown to love the little country folk band that had released a couple solid albums which included songs like the smash hit “If I Die Young” and the Glen Cambell cover “Gentle On My Mind.” They were never going to be A list country stars and that’s fine. They were pretty consistent turning out hit songs and regularly got to perform at the country awards shows. That wasn’t good enough though. They wanted to go pop and become bigger than ever. They spent a great deal of time and money dealing with image consultants, marketing people ext and what did it get them? A complete embarrassing flop on the radio with the song “Live Forever.” Then we almost got the song “Put Me In The Game Coach” but that was quickly pulled. The Band Perry was later released from their contract with Big Machine after which time the band went back to country with the crybaby release of “Comeback Kid.” Essentially, The Band Perry was whining that people were mean to them and passing the blame on everyone else while again throwing the middle finger to their longtime fans. And now The Band Perry is back to pop.

Finally, we have Garth Brooks who has really grinded my gears for awhile now and it has little to do with his music. Artists that include but are not limited to Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean and Adele have all done things to limit accessibility to their music. All of these artists with the exception of Garth Brooks have gotten away with it because they are megastars. What Garth Brooks has done that pisses me off is basically refuse to join us in the digital age with his music. For YEARS Garth Brooks refused to make his music available for digital download or streaming ANYWHERE. Then Garth Brooks partnered with GhostTunes a site that nobody on earth ever wanted to use and made his music available there for digital download but oh wait, there was a catch. You still could not simply download individual songs, you had to download the entire album or nothing. Then some more years go by and Garth Brooks in the year 2016 finally decides to make his music available for stream and digital download but wait, there’s yet another catch. It will only be available to stream through Amazons new streaming service that nobody uses. Do you wonder why your music and your new albums continue to be so irrelevant? Do you wonder why nobody talks about your albums even during the week they are released? It’s simple Garth, arrogance and ignorance. It annoys me to no end when artists limit accessibility to their music through exclusive deals but nobody has handled this worse than Garth Brooks.

The Band Perry should be a warning shot to country artists in the mainstream and elsewhere. If you screw over your fans and the people that got this far there may be no going back. In regards to Garth Brooks he is irrelevant except to his longtime fans in large part due to the arrogance and ignorance. What will happen to Dierks as a result of screwing over the people and the music that got him here is yet to be seen. The point however, is not to bite the hand that feeds you. The fans are everything. Without the fans you have no career. Tread carefully.