Movin’ On: Muscadine Bloodline Single Review

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A strong pop country single reminiscent of Walker McGuire… 7/10

In 2017 Muscadine Bloodline released their debut ep without a great deal of attention.

The duo’s newest single “Movin’ On” has also gone under the radar though, it should be getting more attention.

Movin’ On is a strong pop country single reminiscent of Walker McGuire another up and coming duo.

The song describes the process of finally moving on from a relationship and getting to the point where you aren’t obsessing over the other person anymore.

Although it is clearly a pop country track, there is some steel guitar play as well as a real message.

Where this song fails is where many pop country/radio friendly songs fail and that is in the specifics. There isn’t anything personal to this song and there is no story, it is far too general.

However, the song is a catchy pop country song with something to say and there is a nice little guitar solo at the end similar to what we hear on the radio edit of current the Brothers Osbourne single “Shoot me Straight.”